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Literacy Speaks!® Complete Set — Kits 1, 2, 3, 4

Literacy Speaks!® Complete Set — Kits 1, 2, 3, 4

# LS2124

Price: $ 466.00


Literacy Speaks! employs orthographic instruction (printed cues) to effectively activate and synchronize the brain’s processors which allows for remediation of articulation errors, increased phonological awareness, improved language skills and development of foundational literacy, all simultaneously!


Students who have been identified as being at risk for reading failure can be successfully managed with the Literacy Speaks program! When implemented by different departments, this program allows continuity of services between speech therapy and general education or between the special education and the general education.

Literacy Speaks

Starting with the letter brings sounds and words to life! See the preview videos below.

Literacy Speaks!® — Program Description
Literacy Speaks!® — In the Classroom
Literacy Speaks!® — Materials in Action
Literacy Speaks!® — Benefits to the Program
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What's Included?

  • Target sound stimulus word cards
  • Alphabetic letter cards
  • Sight word cards

    Product Spread

  • Punctuation cards
  • Guidance for implementing the
    Literacy Speaks!
  • Reproducible storybooks
    • Kit 1: 56 books
    • Kit 2: 48 books
    • Kit 3: 34 books
    • Kit 4: 39 books
  • Reproducible letter tracing worksheets
  • Reproducible homework tracking sheets
  • Reproducible coloring worksheets
  • Reproducible home & classroom activities
  • CD to easily reproduce materials

 These implementing tools are contained in 2 easy-to-manage pieces per Kit: 

  • 1 Kit card box, indexed by letter/sound and color coded. The color coding is repeated on the cards to enable effective use and storage.
  • 1 newly updated CD, from which the materials can be easily reproduced. 


To purchase the Literacy Speaks! - Manual Only for each Kit (optional - not required),click on the More From This Author tab.

*The Manual does not have to be purchased to complete each 
Literacy Speaks! Kit, as the full manual is included on the CD.


Additional Photos

Customer Reviews

"I saw Keli Richmond do a presentation on Literacy Speaks!® at our state SLP conference. When she talked about incorporating orthographic cues into therapy, I was excited because I have been doing this for years with huge success! Her program makes it so easy for all of the SLP's in our office to incorporate literacy into our articulation treatment. The kids LOVE the books, and it is so great to have such successful "readers", even as young as 3 years old. We have seen tremendous growth, not only in articulation, but also in early literacy skills and even better attention with the use of this program. Kids are able to self-correct because they have the phonemic representation for the orthographic cue. I especially love that they have several different /r/ sounds available including vocalic /r/ at the beginning and the ending of words. And, it is so great to have a product that targets vowels! Literacy Speaks!® has been such an asset to our program and has really increased the quality of services we provide. And, it is SO easy to use! We can't get enough of this program! In fact, I have requested that they expand the program to include consonant blends as well as consonants in the medial position. Can't wait to see more of this product!"
- Emily Hathaway, M.S., CCC-SLP & Clinical Director

 "After using the Literacy Speaks!® materials for only a few weeks, my young students began to  enjoy looking for letters. Sounds in a particular word position that children have struggled with for a long time just "seemed to click". With the use of the Literacy Speaks!® program, my students can see where sounds are located in words." 

- Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist

 "This program is highly successful for children that are making little or no progress with traditional therapy.  I observed dramatic improvements in my students with Final Consonant Deletion. Literacy Speaks!® not only remediates difficult  error patterns, it creates phonemic awareness!"
- Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist

"I have one student who I was particularly 'stumped' with and I began using your program with him. What a difference! His DIBELS scores for phoneme segmentation have gone from 0-30 and alphabetic principal from 0-20, all in two months time. It is so exciting to see how much he loves the take home books. I have to have one for him each speech sessions...if not, he is very disappointed. As I walk him back to his kindergarten class, he stops anyone he can find in the hallway and asks them if they would like to hear him read! You have created quite a unique and EFFECTIVE program! For all the very busy SLPs out there who needed a program like this, I thank you."
K.M., Coordinator of Speech Services

"It has been absolutely amazing the progress our children have made from this program!"  
- J.K., Center Supervisor, CANI Head Start

"You have created quite a unique and EFFECTIVE program! For all the very busy SLPs  out there who needed a program like this, I thank you."
Coordinator of Speech Services

"I have taught at-risk preschoolers for many years, and I am thrilled to say that Literacy Speaks!® has been the most successful literacy approach I have ever used. Not only did my English speakers make remarkable strides in letter/sound correlations, but even my ESL students markedly improved their literacy and language skills. And the children were fully engaged throughout the process! A great program!"
C.L., Head Start Teacher

"I was excited to find that 7 out of 9 of my self-contained special education preschoolers moved on to general education kindergarten and are either no longer eligible for special education services or will receive only minimal support as a result of consistently using Literacy Speaks!® in my classroom. My 4-year-olds are identifying letters and sounds while increasing their language skills and remarkably, non-verbal 3-year olds are matching letters. Literacy Speaks!® has inspired a diverse group of students with a variety of learning and achievement!"
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

"The Literacy Speaks!® Program has dramatically improved my daughter's speech. Now, she enjoys searching for letters and has finally become aware of the sounds she is using in her speech. She is even beginning to correct several sounds on her own!”
- Parent of 4-year-old preschool student

"I have presented the first 3 sets at a district SLP meeting. Everyone was impressed with the strategy of letter-sound recognition first before pictures. They got that big take-away message loud and clear. One of our supervisors mentioned how this program goes right along with the Readwell program utilized in our MM and MS classrooms. Thanks again for putting together such a great tool. All the kids especially love the stories. The Kinder parents are knocked out at their kids 'reading' the high frequency word sentences.”

Target Audience

Literacy Speaks!® is an early literacy program for use by SLPs, General Educators, Special Educators, Title 1 Educators and Literacy Specialists.

The program targets the needs of preschool through early elementary school children, children with special needs, children with communication disorders, students learning English as a second language and economically disadvantaged students.


Dianne Joustra, M.Ed., has a bachelor's degree in education with a master's degree in reading.  She also holds a minor in mild disabilities, an endorsement in early childhood education, and an administrative license.

In her 25 years as an educator, Dianne has taught kindergarten, readiness, and first grade; served as a special education consultant to parochial schools; supervised early childhood special education programs; and currently teaches preschoolers with special needs.

Dianne's passion to develop children's literacy skills is evident in her classroom, and also through her work with the United Way and Project Reads.  Dianne is a founding member of the Allen County United Way Women's Initiative. The Women's Initiative is a local group focused on closing the reading achievement gap for students by the third grade. Dianne also volunteers for the Allen County Education Partnership Project Reads, which is a reading intervention program for young, developing readers.

Keli Richmond, MS, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist specializing in early literacy development. She has degrees in both speech-language pathology and audiology, a minor in special education, and a teaching license. Keli has over 14 years experience in the speech and literacy disciplines. She began her career in the medical field with an emphasis on neurological disorders. Currently, she focuses on therapy techniques and promotes literacy skills for preschool through middle school children. Keli presents nationwide at in-services, seminars and state and national conventions promoting orthographic instruction (printed cues) to improve speech intelligibility and enhance literacy skills.

She is the author of the Literacy Speaks!® program. Literacy Speaks!® is a comprehensive program driven by orthographic techniques. Literacy Speaks!® improves speech intelligibility and expands language knowledge while promoting a strong literacy foundation—all simultaneously. A highlight of Keli's career is receiving the "Professional Achievement Award in Recognition of Advancement of Knowledge in Clinical Practice" from the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association; the award is based on outstanding professional development and community involvement. Keli was also a founding member of the United Way Women's United; the Women's United is an organization dedicated to closing educational gaps through early literacy development. For more information on Keli Richmond visit www.LiteracySpeaks.com.       

More Offerings by: Dianne Joustra


  Title Price  
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 3 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 4 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 3 - Manual Only $29.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 4 - Manual Only $29.00

More Offerings by: Keli Richmond


  E-Course # Course Title & Author CEUs Price  
e64 Simultaneously Improve Speech Intelligibility, Enhance Phonological Awareness and Develop Language/Literacy Skills with Orthographic Instruction
Keli Richmond, MS, CCC-SLP
.4 $79.00
e65 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Build Speech, Language and Literacy Skills With Orthographic Instruction!
Keli Richmond, MS, CCC-SLP
.25 $44.00


  Title Price  
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 1 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 2 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 3 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 4 $129.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 1 - Manual Only $29.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 2 - Manual Only $29.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 3 - Manual Only $29.00
Literacy Speaks!® Kit 4 - Manual Only $29.00

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