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APT II — Attention Process Training–II

APT II — Attention Process Training–II

# C1011

Price: $ 475.00



Attention Process Training-II

This program is for treating impairments in attentional processing in persons with relatively mild cognitive disturbance, such as post-concussion syndrome.

Activities address difficulties with sustained attention, slowed speed of information processing, distractability, shifting attention between multiple tasks, and paying attention to more than one source of information at a time.

What is APT-II ?

  • A library of auditory attention CDs and hierarchically organized attention exercises grouped according to specific types of attention disorders
  • Generalization program with suggested activities, record logs, and data collection protocols to facilitate generalization from the clinic to real world settings

Who can use it?

Neuropsychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, cognitive remediation specialists, and special education specialists.

What’s in the manual?

The APT-II manual explains how to administer the attention training program and methods for scoring and analyzing client performance. All clinical and generalization tasks contain data collection graphs and charts, detailed task descriptions, and suggestions for increasing or decreasing task difficulty level.

APT-II includes...

  • 216 page manual with 5 tabs in a 3-ring binder
  • 46 activity sheets and forms
  • 6 audio CDs
  • 6 response clickers and stopwatch
  • CD with PDF files scoresheets.

All packaged in a sturdy handy carrying case.

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I am writing to you on behalf of the Colorado Neurobehavioral Center to support the Attention Process Training program. I have received the program, including the APT TEST, in December of 1990. Over the past six months, I have found this program invaluable in my work as a speech/language pathologist working with the mild head injured population.

The Attention Process Training program facilitates a data-based, hierarchical method of treating subtle deficits in attention and concentration. These cognitive deficits might otherwise go undetected and untreated in a direct program that is not targeted specifically for disorders affecting attention and concentration. We support the use of the APT program and plan to purchase the PROMS to augment our treatment in the area of prospective memory with our patients.

Amy L. Wilson CRRN
Director of Nursing C.P.V.

Target Audience

For use by neuropsychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, cognitive remediation specialists, and special education specialists treating persons with mild cognitive dysfunction. 


Catherine Mateer, Ph.D., ABPP, CN

McKay Sohlberg, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Laurie Paule, M.S.

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