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Bonnie Martin-Harris
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Course #: 2186

The MBSImP©™ And Dysphagia Practice: Targeted Intervention Through Standardized Physiologic
Swallow Assessment

Location Date Price
Albuquerque, NM
November 2-3, 2013

CEUs: 1.0

1 person:$299.00
2-4 people:$279.00
5+ people:$259.00
*Groups MUST register at the same time to qualify for the group rate.
Thank you for your interest in this seminar. We are unable to take further registrations as the seminar date has already past. Please feel free to view other uplcoming seminars by clicking here or contacting our office at 888-337-3866.


Northern Speech is an ASHA continuing education provider. This speech-language pathology seminar is offered for 1.0 ASHA CEUs. This seminar addresses the adult population and is designed for clinicians who conduct MBS exams, treat patients following an MBS exam, or both, in any setting along the healthcare continuum. The format includes an evidence, case-based approach to learning the implementation and interpretation of a standardized modified barium swallowing examination using the MBSImP©™. Participants will learn to execute a standardized and efficient examination that permits flexibility for safe and immediate introduction of interventions based on the nature of impaired components. Implications of the MBSImP approach on radiation safety will be presented. Performing and treating clinicians will learn to link oropharyngeal physiologic components to potential levels of disruption in sensor-motor control across patient diagnoses.

Participants will learn to detect mild to profound deviations in normal swallow function across various ages based on new evidence using the MBSImP component scoring system. The potential application for neuroprotective and neurorehabilitative exercises will be presented. The functional relationships between esophageal clearance abnormalities and oropharyngeal swallowing disorders will be discussed. The application of targeted interventions and treatment planning based on specific impairments of swallowing will be covered. Participants will receive sample reports and learn to create electronic, web-based patient reports based on MBSImP findings.

Outcome tracking within a single healthcare facility or healthcare system that supports the value of the MBS study and swallowing treatment will be demanded in a climate of healthcare reform. To that end, participants will learn to set appropriate goals and identify and track patient outcomes. Participants will also learn how de-identified MBSImP data creates opportunity for participation in multi-site clinical research and advancement of swallowing practice in the speech-language pathology community. Seminar focus is the adult population. Pediatric dysphagia will not be presented.

Prerequisite: participant must have a degree in Speech-Language Pathology.   

Content Disclosure: The content of this CE seminar focuses on the MBSImP protocol for swallow impairment assessment. Other assessment protocols will not be included in this seminar. Speaker financial and non-financial disclosures may be found by clicking on the Presenter & Disclosures tab found above.


Registered MBSImP Clinician

Becoming a Registered MBSImP Clinician: The only way to become a Registered MBSImP Clinician is to complete the MBSImP Online Training, which is separate from this above seminar and worth an additional 2.1 CEUs. Seminar attendance is not required prior to enrollment in the online training. However, those attending this above CE Seminar will receive a $200 credit toward enrollment in the MBSImP online training. Learn more at www.northernspeech.com/MBSImP. Both the above seminar and the MBSImP online training address the adult population and are open only to speech-language pathologists.  

Cancellation Policy & Late Registration

Registration Cancellation Policy:

Tuition will be refunded less a $25 processing fee if emailed notification is received by NSS up to two weeks prior to the seminar date. Two weeks to 72 hours prior to seminar date: 50% refund; 72 hours or less: no refund. NSS reserves the right to cancel the event up to 7 days prior to the seminar date. If cancelled by NSS full tuition refunds will be issued. Substitutions are permitted if NSS is notified in advance by phone or email.

Late Registration Fee:

Add $20 to tuition rate if registration is received within
2 weeks of the seminar date.

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                                                       DAY ONE

7:30-7:50       Check In and Onsite Registration (Coffee and Tea)

8:00-12:00     Session One (break from 9:30 to 9:45)

      • Neural underpinnings of physiologic components of oropharyngeal swallowing
      • Review and radiographic identification of 17 physiologic components of swallowing
      • Clinical symptom correlates of physiologic swallowing impairment and aspiration
      • MBSImP findings traced to neuromotor control mechanism

12:00-1:00      Lunch on Own

1:00-4:00       Session Two (break from 2:30 to 2:45)

      • Review of commonly occurring types of swallowing impairment: interdependency, levels of severity, clinical implications
      • What's normal "impairment" across the aging adult continuum?
      • The SLP's role in assessment of esophageal function: implications of esophageal impairment on oropharyngeal swallowing disorders and approaches to treatment
      • Identification of mild to profound dysfunction in adults and implications for neuroprotective and neurorehabilitative exercise
      • Targeted, evidence-based intervention for swallowing-specific impairment in the adult population 

        4:00       Adjourn and Sign Out

                                                      DAY TWO

7:30-7:55        Sign In (Coffee and Tea)

8:00-12:00      Session Three (break from 9:30 to 9:45) 

      • Standardized reporting of results, impairment profiles, and outcome indicators (health, quality of life, oral intake and nutritional status) using the MBSImP approach
      • Mapping swallowing profiles across the natural history of disease and recovery
      • SLP to clinical researcher: opportunity for multi-site clinical investigations and advancement of dysphagia research
      • Patient cases: acute neurologic (CVA, trauma), pulmonary disease (obstructive/restrictive/mixed), head & neck cancer, chronic and progressive neurologic disease
      • Initial assessment (identification and scoring)
      • Targeted, evidence-based treatments in the adult population 
      • Objective documentation to treatment response and patient outcome 

        12:00     Adjourn, Sign Out and Certificates

Speaker Profile

Bonnie Martin-Harris, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S, is a Professor in the College of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, College of Health Professions, and College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She directs the MUSC Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing and the Doctoral Program in Health and Rehabilitation Science. Dr. Martin-Harris is a Past-President of the Dysphagia Research Society and past Chair of the Specialty Board on Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BRS-S).

She is an Associate Editor for the Dysphagia Journal, past Associate Editor and current content reviewer for the Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, and reviewer for the American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, Laryngoscope, Archives of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Journal of Applied Physiology, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.

She is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, recipient of Honors from the South Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association (SCHA), recipient of the 2010 MUSC College of Health Professions Scholar of the Year Award, and associate member of the Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and the American Head and Neck Society. Her work is funded by grants from the National Institutes on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), the Veteran's Administration, and the Mark and Evelyn Trammell Foundation.

Presenter Disclosures:

Financial Bonnie Martin-Harris is presenter of CE seminars and online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives speaking fees.

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris is employed by Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC); receives salary. 

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris' employer, MUSC, receives royalty payments from Northern Speech related to enrollment tuition of the MBSImP Online Training.

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris' MBSImP research and development was funded in part by Bracco Diagnostics; received grant funding.

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris' research is funded in part by the Veteran's Administration (VA); receives grant and research funding.

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris' research is funded in part by the Mark and Evelyn Trammell Foundation; receives grant funding.

Financial — Bonnie Martin-Harris' research is funded in part by the National Institutes on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH/NIDCD); receives grant and research funding.

Nonfinancial — Bonnie Martin-Harris is associated with numerous journals, publications and boards as stated in biography above; receives no compensation in these roles.

Location & Lodging

Seminar Location:

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Domenici Center - UNM Building Number 200
1001 Stanford Drive NE, Room B116
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-272-2311
Click for Directions

Location: Domenici Center is located on the campus of the University of New Mexico on the southwest corner of Tucker Ave and Stanford Drive.  Campus map here

Parking:  Free on weekends.  Parking is available west of the Domenici Center in the "M" parking area.  Do not park in the reserved slots. Campus map here

Meeting Room: Seminar will be held within the Domenici Center located within the UNM Health Sciences Center.  We will meet in Room B116. Campus map here

Hotel Accommodations: The following hotels are within 4 miles of the seminar venue.  The Hotel Parq Central and the Marriott may offer shuttle transportation to the seminar venue.  Please inquire directly with the hotel staff for times and availability of the shuttle van. 

Hotel Parq Central - 505-242-0040 - Request the UNM rate of $125 per night. 

Marriott Albuquerque - 505-881-6800 - Mention UNM for possible discounts. 

Embassy Suites Albuquerque – 505-245-7100 - no room block. 

Holiday Inn Express Midtown – 505-881-0544 - no room block. 

Intended Audience

  • SLP


This course is offered for 1.0 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).

Prerequisite: participant must have a degree in Speech-Language Pathology.   

Content Disclosure: The content of this CE seminar focuses on the MBSImP protocol for swallow impairment assessment. Other assessment protocols will not be included in this seminar. Speaker financial and non-financial disclosures may be found by clicking on the Presenter & Disclosures tab found above.

 ASHA CEUS: Attendees must meet at least one of the following conditions in order to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs:
  • Current ASHA Member
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) Holder
  • Licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology
  • Credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
  • Credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
  • Engaged in a Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an individual with their ASHA CCC
  • Currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral program in SLP or audiology

If an attendee is not an ASHA member or CCC holder but meets any of the above criteria, they may provide their eligibility on the ASHA CEU Participant Form or inform the ASHA CE Registry of their eligibility by visiting this site.  

More Offerings by: Bonnie Martin-Harris


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May 3-4 The MBSImP©™ And Dysphagia Practice: Targeted Intervention Through Standardized Physiologic Swallow Assessment Richmond, VA
June 2014
Jun 7-8 The MBSImP©™ And Dysphagia Practice: Targeted Intervention Through Standardized Physiologic Swallow Assessment Boston, MA
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  E-Course # Course Title & Author CEUs Price  
e01 The Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile: MBSImP™© Web-Based Training
Bonnie Martin-Harris, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S
2.1 $600.00
e108   2013 Charleston Swallowing Conference Home Study: Evidence-Based Dysphagia Management 
JoAnne Robbins, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, BRS-S and Jay Rosenbek, PhD, CCC-SLP, BC-NCD and Paula Sullivan, MS, CCC-SLP, BRS-S and Julie Blair, MA, CCC-SLP and Giselle Carnaby, MPH, PhD, FASHA SLP/CCC and James Coyle, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S and Karen Dikeman, MA, CCC-SLP, BRS-S and Marta Kazandjian, MA, CCC-SLP, BRS-S and Paula Leslie, PhD, CCC-SLP and Christy Ludlow, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Bonnie Martin-Harris, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S
1.25 $179.00

Past Participant Comments

"Bonnie Martin-Harris continues to set the bar high with her knowledge and teaching style."

"Excellent tool – can't wait to start using it.  You've changed the way I look at MBS studies."

"I consider Bonnie Martin-Harris as top in our field and think she is filling a much needed service in the area of swallowing disorders with this move to standardization."

"Bonnie is down-to-earth, not over your head, and enjoyable to listen to...great interaction with the course attendees – always made sure we were on the same page."

"What a nice combination of professionalism and 'down-to-earth-ness' of the presenter."

"Bonnie is an excellent speaker with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I appreciate her candid attitude."

"Thank you for your work and research in this pioneering adventure at standardization."

"This is information I can use at work. Great videos to demonstrate each component of
swallowing (normal and abnormal)."  

 "A fabulous tool with excellent research behind it.  Looking forward to using it."

"Thank you so much for your contributions to our profession and to dysphagia.  It has made
us all better clinicians!"

"In almost 30 years, I've never yet been to an NSS seminar that wasn't informative, stimulating,
and wonderfully organized."


"Always well-organized, comfortable seating, and interesting topics and speakers."

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