'R' Made Simple & Color My Conversation (CMC) - 2nd Edition





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'R' Made Simple is an entirely different approach to ‘R’ remediation while CMC works for improving language skills needed for face-to-face conversations! 'R' Made Simple is an entirely different approach to ‘R’ remediation. One that will give your students the ability and the confidence to produce any ‘R’ sound in any context. One that can be applied to any word with the ‘R’ sound, including all dialects. One that is unique, yet easy to teach and simple for the students to learn. Color My Conversation (CMC) - 2nd Edition is an amazing program to teach the language skills needed for face-to-face conversations. This complete and comprehensive program will guide students through the conversation flow including the greeting, bringing up and changing topics, and how to close the conversation. Made in the USA.

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What's Included

'R' Made Simple Kit:

  • 144 Picture cards
  • 40 Verb cards
  • 29 Individual letter cards (3 are blends)
  • 4 Alpha positioning cards
  • 3 Tongue position cards
  • 1 Lesson indicator card
  • Manual (more information listed below)
  • CD with manual & reproducible worksheets (more information listed below)
  • All contained in a sturdy box: 5.25" x 7.25"

'R' Made Simple Manual:

  • Contains instructions on how to categorize 'R' as Up, Down, or Slide for successful motor planning.
  • Explains how sound discrimination training combined with motor planning can overcome barriers related to spelling, pronunciation and dialect.
  • Discusses how to incorporate language and literacy lessons with 'R' articulation therapy sessions.

'R' Made Simple CD contains:

  • 11 'R' Focused Poems
  • 4 Pretest Sheets
  • 49 Drill Practice Worksheets
  • Personalized Therapy and Organizational Ideas
  • Program Instructions

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New Color My Conversation (CMC) - 2nd Edition includes:

  • Four (4) additional Game Board Activities
  • Two (2) new Songs
  • Updated Instructional Manual
  • Additional Reproducible Worksheets & Activities

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Included in the 14"x16" CMC Kit Box:

  • 12 Stepping Floor Graphics
  • 100 Picture/Emotion Cards
  • 50 Game Tokens
  • 50 Dry Erasable Wall Display Cards
  • 2 Dry Erase Pens
  • Cloth Ribbon (approx. 9.5ft)
  • Board Game (foldable) with 4 new Activities on the back
  • CMC Ball
  • Classroom Poster
  • Instructional Manual (includes 12 Lesson plans with tons of reproducibles and activities - downloadable as well as on CD)
  • 12 CMC coordinated lesson Songs (downloadable as well as on CD)
  • Additional Reproducible Worksheets & Activities

Target Audience

Color My Conversation (CMC) - 2nd Edition:

For SLPs, educators, special educators and others working with children who struggle with conversation skills. Appropriate populations include: high-functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, LLD, language delayed, ADHD, fluency, articulation, children with mild intellectual disabilities, as well as children within general education. Student ages: K-7th grade.

'R' Made Simple:

Children ages 7 - 18 years old.


Rosslyn Delmonico, MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP, has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 35 years both within the private and public school systems and has had her own private practice since 1991. Through her years of experience, she has worked almost exclusively with school-age children, with her main focus of interest being on those with language impairments.

Rosslyn saw a need for a connected and comprehensive social language program, one which would take language-impaired children from a basic greeting to the most complex conversation that they were capable of having. In 2006, she started developing a speech-language therapy tool for children within her caseload called Color My Conversation. Since that time, it has continued to emerge as a social language based program applicable to both special needs and general education children.

Rosslyn discovered that her best teaching practices developed over her years of experience included movement, color, song, and hands-on learning. If the children were having fun, they were engaged. When they were engaged, they were learning! Her multisensory approach to teaching has proven to be highly effective with her students. Rosslyn's personal philosophy is that all children are special, can learn, and have something to give the world through their unique personalities.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — Rosslyn Delmonico is a presenter of online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Financial — Rosslyn Delmonico is the author of "Color My Conversation" published by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Nonfinancial — Rosslyn Delmonico has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Nancy L. Geruntino, MA, SLP, has been a practicing speech-language pathologist for over 30 years providing services in private practice, clinics, and public school settings. For the past 12 years, Nancy has been developing and perfecting a new intervention technique for ‘R’ remediation. Years of observing children failing when traditional therapies were used to remediate ‘R’ provided the motivation for Nancy to develop an ‘R’ remediation program that addresses all ‘R’ sounds in all contexts.

Through the creation of the Up, Down, & Slide Alphabet, this program can help speech-language pathologists teach students and clients how to categorize ‘R’ sounds into one of these categories to improve tongue motor planning and the pronunciation of ‘R’ to overcome barriers related to pronunciation, spelling, and dialect. Nancy is the recipient of many school district awards including one for creating a speech improvement program for kindergarten students. She is also the author of 14 children's books. Nancy hopes that wide implementation of her program during the early school years will eliminate 'R' problems in middle school and high school.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — Nancy Geruntino is a presenter of online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

Financial — Nancy Geruntino is the author of the "R Made Simple" program published by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

Nonfinancial — Nancy Geruntino has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Customer Reviews

'R' Made Simple

"I serve the middle school population and I have had more students dismissed over the past two years since switching over to R Made Simple! They tell me they can "feel" the difference between various /r/ sounds and where it's being produced in their mouth." – Amy E., SLP (Mar. 2019)

"I love this! The R Made Simple is great for some students that have a difficult time with auditory feedback when they can’t quite discriminate sounds."  Debbie F., SLP (Feb. 2019)

"I went to one of Nancy Geruntino's conferences last year and I bought the program after. I have been using it with my kids this year and am seeing much more progress than last year. I am very happy with the program so far. I would definitely recommend it!"  Mary C., SLP (Nov. 2018)

"My student/patients who have struggled the most with /r/ have seen great success with this program. I’ve become a believer!" – Carin B.H., SLP (Sept. 2018)

"I LOVE this program. It is SO fast and promotes coarticulation! It works best with bunched R instead of retroflexed.. but so far I’ve been able to use it with both." – Amanda R., SLP (Sept. 2018)

"I like the R Made Simple program...worked great with articulation only students. Both of the two I used it with were highly motivated, in 3rd grade, and at grade level or above academically. Dismissed one in less than one year and the other will be dismissed this fall which is just over a year. He is ready to go now too. I think it would work great for middle/high school. It is a very different approach to working on R & teaches how to plan and coordinate to make the movements for R. Once the student gets it progress goes fast. It really helped with vocalic R's." – Darci M., SLP (June 2018)

"The elicitation technique and the initial steps of the 'R' Made Simple program have worked great for all of my R kids." – Kathryn M., SLP (May 2018)

"The results of 'R' Made Simple are amazing!!! Our kids are making faster progress than with the therapy we previously used." – Lisa D.O., SLP (Oct. 2017)

"I have been using 'R' Made Simple for one particular student consistently for the last two weeks! He's a fourth-grade student and has a very atypical 'r' presentation. I service my students on a 6-day cycle, so he varies between 2 to 3 sessions. If you are not familiar with the program, I cannot tell you enough about it! He's gone from 50% unintelligible to 100% intelligible in prevocalic 'r'. I've been working with him for two years! I'm in awe of his progress! Overall, the program separates the 'r' sounds into three positions: up, down, and slide. The sounds are paired with phonemes that cause the tongue to move into these three positions. I'm able to cue him when he's talking about the words and sounds he hears! He's also learning to self-correct! I'm amazed!!!" – Sarah M., SLP (Sept. 2017)

"Love the program! This particular student went from 34% accuracy on the pretest last spring to 84% on the post test last week. Even he said 'wow!' and you know how hard it is to impress 6th graders!" – Laura T., SLP (May 2017)

"I have several students for whom 'R' Made Simple was just what they needed. These students had been in therapy for 1-2 years and were making progress. They just couldn't get the finishing touch. I have also noticed that the concept of focusing on just the sounds that are heard and not the spelling has made a big difference in student's ability to maintain correct /r/ in more complex words." – SLP (Feb. 2016)

"I have only utilized the 'R' Made Simple program for 4 months and it works with the most stubborn vowelized /r/. During therapy, the students critically think about the motor plan and hearing themselves articulate correctly. Students that became proficient with the motor plan used the picture cards to create stories and shared them with one another. Each student graded each other based on correct vs. incorrect production as pseudo-therapists. I have already dismissed 2 students as a direct result of using this program. Thank you." – SLP (Feb. 2016)

"This program has made marked progress with several children. It's much more effective than 32 different targeted variations of /r/." – SLP (Feb. 2016)

"I used the program with two clients, a 10-year-old and a 24-year-old and it was the missing link to their treatment. Both, who came to me with severe /r/ issues, no longer have any /r/ issues." – SLP (Feb. 2016)

"I've already had success using 'R' Made Simple! This particular 10-year old was not achieving success with other programs. With 'R' Made Simple, he quickly understood the rules and started applying them to his productions. What a significant change in a brief amount of time. Awesome!" – SLP (Sept. 2015)

Color My Conversation (CMC) - 2nd Edition

"We have been using Color My Conversation at work. It has been working nicely for engaging in conversation with kids with ASD. We use it for K-8th. We have verbal, minimally verbally and a child using AAC doing it. We have been using it in classrooms, a small social group and in therapy sessions. Also just did a parent training on it. Really have seen progress in many of the students."  Debra W., SLP (Dec. 2018)

"I use Color My Conversation with my students who range in age from kindergarten to grade 4 and I love it."  Deborah B.M., SLP (Dec. 2018)

"I just started using this program a few weeks ago. I have really enjoyed it. I've modified the lesson and pace to match my students' needs. I use it with my 5th/6th-grade students. Thinking of possibly using for a few of my high school kiddos." – Andrea J., SLP (Dec. 2018)

"Color My Conversation is a good resource for working on conversation skills with a group of 5th graders - including working on basic skills-initiating, turn-taking, terminating, etc.."  Cara S.J., SLP (Sept. 2018)

"I love CMC! It uses a kinesthetic approach that kids of all ages can benefit from." – Melissa T.B., SLP (Apr. 2018)

"I use CMC with my higher functioning autism students. They enjoy the lessons and they’re generalizing the skills." – Deborah B.M., SLP (Apr. 2018)

"I have CMC, and I like it. Great for upper elementary and middle school students who find conversation challenging. It's very well thought out in terms of sequence and skills taught."  Krista D., SLP (Feb. 2017)

"I run Social Skills camps and groups for children between the ages of 6-11 who have a range of diagnoses including Autism, ADD, fluency disorders, and language disorders. We use the Color My Conversation (CMC) curriculum as it provides the kids a practical multi-sensory method for learning where, when, and how to have successful conversations with peers and adults. I notice that the children are better able to carry on conversations about non-preferred topics, ask questions, and use comments to show their partners that they are listening and caring about what others are sharing. They love to walk the conversation path and it gets the kids moving and learning. I notice that their anxiety level when conversing with peers is lower after training. Giving out tokens for comments and questions during the game provides a system for measuring progress as well." — Speech-Language Pathologist (Jul. 2015)

"I attended a CMC Conference 2 years ago and use the program in some capacity daily in my public school practice. I have also led staff trainings on CMC so that Teachers and Instructional Assistants could bring these skills into the classroom. The multi-sensory approach has been a huge benefit to my students and each one can participate at some level. I have also received a parent report that her child had a "real" telephone conversation with her grandmother for the first time after repeated practice. With my current work dynamic, I actually used a push-in model with one of my classes and we practiced CMC every Friday morning and then the Teacher was able to reinforce the skill taught throughout her day. Color My Conversation has also been a wonderful tool in helping neurotypical students participate in a structured conversation with my students in a safe and guided way that generated practice, success, and for some, beginning of friendships. I appreciate CMC and will continue to use it." — Speech-Language Pathologist (Jul. 2015)

"I've already had success using Color My Conversation! It has helped patients have a conversation that previously did not seem to understand the flow of conversation. Great visuals and activities that motivated them to talk." — Speech-Language Pathologist (Jul. 2015)

"Color My Conversation brings us back to the roots of how to communicate effectively face to face. It has the potential to powerfully impact our next generation of children." — Speech-Language Pathologist (2014)

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