Picture Categories Galore and More & GROW! Language Building Storybooks: English Set





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Picture Categories Galore & More

Picture Categories Galore & More is the most comprehensive program for treating language impairments especially in the area of categorization. It is a visually appealing and organized system to teach categorization and other language skills. This complete and comprehensive program includes over 1,000 vocabulary words with 3 levels of therapy: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

GROW! Language Building Storybooks: English Set

GROW! Language Building Storybooks are one-of-a-kind engaging, versatile storybooks written in four progressive levels allowing each reading to be matched to the child's age and language level! Each book was specifically authored to integrate multiple language targets into the text in a naturalistic manner. Set includes durable page shield to isolate story level. Ages 2 to 10 years. Made in the USA

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What's Included

Picture Categories Galore & More

  • 340 picture stimulus cards (4” x 9”)
  • Downloadable Manual with reproducible data collection forms for easy note-taking during therapy
  • Expansion Options Card with additional treatment ideas and activities

GROW! Language Building Storybooks: English Set

  • 12 English storybooks. View 12 book titles
  • Downloadable Comprehensive Activity & Resource Manual
    • Language and vocabulary targets, therapy prompts, and additional activities for each storybook
    • Reproducible therapy templates and worksheets:
      • Story Block
      • Story Elements
      • Story Narrative
    • 2,000 word glossary in alphabetical order and by word category
  • A durable Page Shield so only the level being read is visible

Target Audience

Picture Categories Galore & More

For Speech-Language Pathologists working with clients on categorization skills and other speech and language goals. Appropriate for use with children as well as post-TBI and post-stroke adults.

GROW! Language Building Storybooks: English Set

This book series is optimal for children ages 2-10 or whose language skills are at a toddler level up to a 3rd grade level. It is ideal to be used by SLPs, Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Literacy Specialists, ESL/ESOL/ELL Teachers, and Parents.


Tiffany Cobb, MA, CCC-SLP, received her Bachelor of Science degree and her Master of Arts degree from Central Michigan University. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Tiffany is a school speech-language pathologist who is in her 6th year of work. She has had the pleasure of working in various charter schools throughout the metropolitan Detroit area. Tiffany also works with adults in various settings and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Debra Kubinski, MA, CCC-SLP, is a certified ASHA member who has worked in the field for sixteen years. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1995 with a Masters degree in Speech and Language Impairments, as well as an early elementary teaching certificate. Her clinical experience includes dysphagia treatment and language therapy with the geriatric population in skilled nursing care facilities; rehabilitation work with patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries/ spinal cord injuries at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and home health care with a diverse population of severely involved children. For the past several years, Debra has enjoyed working with various pediatric populations through her employment with Massenberg & Associates, LLC and Great Expectations Family Speech, Sensory Integration & Learning Center.

Angela Massenberg, PhD, CCC-SLP, received her PhD in Audiology and Speech Sciences, specializing in Neuropathologies of Communication, Child Language, and Counseling from Michigan State University. She received her Masters of Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University and Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University. Dr. Massenberg is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She is the owner and president of Massenberg & Associates, LLC, located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Massenberg & Associates, LLC is a special education company which provides speech pathology, psychology, occupational therapy, and social work services to children of all ages. The company also provides services to adults with various types of neurogenic disorders including TBI, aphasia, motor speech disorders, etc. Dr. Massenberg’s pediatric experience includes all ages from pre-school through high school in both clinical and school settings. Furthermore, Dr. Massenberg is the Program Administrator and Director of the McNichols House for the Brain Injured, a 24-hour residential facility located in Detroit, Michigan.

Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP, is a trilingual speech-language pathologist and a clinical assistant professor in the field of speech-language pathology. She has extensive experience working with individuals with communication disorders, particularly bilingual children. She has authored numerous courses, webinars, articles as well as intervention materials and guides for diverse populations. Her specialized interests include articulation disorders, stuttering, language-literacy, and bilingualism. Many of her resources for SLPs, educators, and parents can be found on her personal website The Speech Stop (www.thespeechstop.com). Ana Paula is the author of  GROW! ¡CREZCA! Language Building Storybooks.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — Ana Paula Mumy is a presenter of online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Financial — Ana Paula Mumy is the author of treatment materials, including the GROW! ¡CREZCA! Language Building Storybooks, published by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Nonfinancial — Ana Paula Mumy has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclosure.

Carolynn VandenBosch, MA, CCC-SLP, received both her Bachelor of Science (1990) and Master of Arts (1992) degrees at Eastern Michigan University and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Her nineteen years of clinical experience includes both adult and pediatric neuro rehabilitation and the last nine years servicing the public and charter schools in and around the metro Detroit area. Carolynn is currently employed as a Clinical Support Coordinator for Dearborn Speech & Sensory-Therapy Solutions Unlimited (DSS-TSU), where in addition to continuing her work in the schools with speech and language impaired children, she provides mentoring and supervisory support to PT’s, OT’s, SLP’s and clinical fellows in both the school and clinic settings.

Customer Reviews

Picture Categories Galore & More:

"This is the product I've been looking for! This program is comprehensive and complete: no need to purchase additional materials to teach categories." – SLP

"I think PCG&M is a great therapy tool for building vocabulary/semantic knowledge. It is also useful for building other areas of language depending on the activity. It comes with an options card that gives you 6 hierarchical activities that address various areas of language. I was able to address goals with my students, such as, labeling, stating function or attributes, identifying similarities (stating category/convergent thinking), generating vocabulary that belongs to a category (divergent thinking) and recalling items (with and without visuals). I was able to address syntax and morphology by having the students use target words and/or category in sentences. I was also able to use it for higher-level tasks, such as comparing and contrasting items." – SLP

"It is a very organized and well-thought-out tool, in terms of the pictured objects. The pictures are realistic, which is more efficient and easier for my students across grades. Also, the picture cards are divided into three sets that get progressively harder. I was able to use it with k-5 students. I especially liked the curriculum based vocabulary items (math, punctuation, grammar etc) for my upper-grade students."SLP

"I really like the product and I have used the cards in a variety of ways during my sessions, highlighting a range of concepts. Similarities and differences, descriptive skills, critical thinking, main ideas/themes are some of the things that I touch upon. The product helps some of my students expand their thinking, moving from a black-and-white view to a more mature, I-can-see-the-gray areas view." SLP (Sept. 2015)

"Categories Galore is a good set of vocabulary cards that has many categories, such as fruits, veggies, clothes, transportation, etc." Marri W., SLP (Apr. 2015)

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GROW! Language Building Storybooks: English Set:

"I use them and love them! My supervisor while I was doing my student teaching used them and I fell in love... sometimes I adapt the activities tho!" – SLP (Aug. 2018)

"I have used these books and appreciated that they were written to use with different levels. The kids love them, too!"  SLP (May 2016)

"I love these! They have come in handy." – SLP (May 2016)

"I was so impressed with your books and manual that I have passed the info to my Case Manager and Director of Special Education for consideration of using these materials with our Special Education students who are "self-contained." We both loved the fact that the books had 4 levels which would benefit every child in her room. We also loved the way the manual had all that wonderful vocab targeted which could be expanded on throughout the instructional day. Again I say, wonderful product!" – SLP

"I am so ecstatic about the output of oral language I am getting from the books! I was a little unsure how a group of my 1st graders would do because I usually have to present a fireworks show for them to stay on task and engage with me. They LOVED the books, and the language I got out of them was more than I've gotten from them lately, and for one kid, the most I've gotten EVER! THANK YOU!" – SLP

"The kids love the Crezca/Grow Language and Story Books. I've been using them with many of my kids and I make use of the different levels and of the 2 languages. By this time I've transitioned to the English stories for many of the kids. The illustrations are very vibrant and the kids find them funny. Some have their favorite pictures. Many of the similar books that I've used in the past have stick figures/ or black and white drawings and you cannot compare the attention that these stories command because of the illustrations. (By the way, the manual is OUTSTANDING!!!)" Bilingual SLP

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