Cognitive and Communication Interventions: Neuroscience Applications for Speech-Language Pathologists




Understanding the recent science about how therapy changes the brain can empower clinicians to face the challenges of increasingly demanding medical and educational settings.

Cognitive and Communication Interventions: Neuroscience Applications for Speech-Language Pathologists is a practical guide that informs and enables SLPs, clinical psychologists, and other therapeutic professionals to use new research to enhance their clinical outcomes. Although based on independent neuroscience principles and research, this unique book is designed to be a readable and scientifically sound clinical guidebook.

Written with the busy clinician in mind, this professional resource uses accessible, easy-to-understand language to walk readers through the complexities of neuroscience and provide workable strategies for application. The beginning chapters break down important concepts, such as neuroplasticity, environmental stressors, and connectomics, to create a base of understanding. The middle chapters delve into recent investigations of factors that potentially affect typical brain development as well as disrupt connectomics. The final chapters provide neuroscience considerations for intervention, including the “What, How, and When” of therapy and other important considerations for individualizing and maximizing outcomes.

Throughout the book, clinicians will also find case studies that provide examples of the practical applications of neuroscience research and study questions to improve memory and inference.

Topics Include:

  • Neuroscience Overview and Update
  • Oral, Gestural, and Written Language Networks
  • Cognitive Neuroscience and Connectomics Applications to Neurological Disorders
  • How the Human Brain Changes: Neurogenetics, Neuroplasticity in Maturation, Recovery, and Environment
  • Environmental Factors in Brain Maturation of Language and Cognitive Functions
  • Connectomics and Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Cognitive and Communication Disorders
  • Connectomics and Genetics of Acquired Cognitive and Communication Disorders
  • How Therapy Changes Brains
  • Other Considerations: Maximizing Therapeutic Outcomes

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    What's Included

    • 7 x 10" softcover
    • 318 pages
    • ©2021

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    Target Audience

    For SLPs, OTs, PTs, PhD, Psych Therapists and other care partners of persons with cognitive and communication difficulties.


    Martha S. Burns, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a renowned author and clinician specializing in language and brain development. Dr. Burns is an ASHA Fellow, serves on the faculty of Northwestern University in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and has been a consultant to Chicago area school districts for over 30 years. She has authored three books, a test, and over 100 book chapters and articles on language and brain development, language disorders, and interventions for autism, and auditory processing disorders.

    Speaker Disclosures:

    Financial — Martha Burns is a presenter of online CEU courses sponsored by Northern Speech; receives royalty payments.

    Financial — Martha Burns is a paid consultant for Scientific Learning Corporation.

    Nonfinancial — Martha Burns has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

    Customer Reviews

    “This is a much-needed textbook providing comprehensive neurodevelopmental concepts…It is written in an easy-to-understand comprehensive format for graduate students, new, and even experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.” — Kathryn Atkinson, MA, Master Clinical Educator in Speech-Language Pathology, Central Michigan University

    “This text is needed greater in our field. As we continue to expand our knowledge in neuroscience, it is crucial that we implement that into our clinical practice. Dr. Burns shows why evidence-based practice is imperative for cognitive and communication interventions. Information can be applied in many ways to help not only students but professionals as well. I cannot wait for this book in final form!” — Kerri Phillips, SLPD, Professor and Program Director for Speech-Language Pathology, Louisiana Tech University

    “This is an excellent, advanced-level text on the application of neuroscience concepts to the assessment and treatment of disorders of cognition and communication. The text serves as an excellent summary of past research findings and present developments in brain science.” — Kelly Salmon, SLPD, Assistant Professor, Department of Speech Pathology, Salus University

    “This is a seminal text – a game-changing book...The author writes with an elegance of clarity that belies the sheer depth and complexity of other text bridges the unnecessary divide which persists between the educational and medical realms of our professions. Marty traverses the landscapes of the brain and brings it to life, transforming potentially overwhelming complexity into applicable tenets and principles for the What, How, and When of doing therapy to cause neural and functional changes.” — Jill K. Fahy, MA, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, Eastern Illinois University

    “Before reading this text, I knew the principles of neuroplasticity and use them regularly in practice. I only had a vague understanding of the neuroscience behind them. I now have a more detailed foundational and conceptual understanding of the neuroscience principles; this allows me to apply my knowledge more effectively and with more conviction.”— Maggie Mathieson, MS, Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, Aurora, Colorado

    “The strength of this text is the integration of a great deal of neuroscience research into clinical extensions/applications for SLPs/AuDs. There is so much depth but it is presented in a manner that is relatively easy to understand, given some prior knowledge of the topics”— Jerry K. Hoepner, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication Sciences Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    “Based on the historical perspectives and updates on localization and connectionism, the book truly captures the spirit of neurolinguistic and neuropsychological explanations for various disorders, while providing a solid background on neuroscience-driven therapy approaches for clients with neurogenic disorders.” — Jayanti Ray, PhD, Professor, Communication Disorders, Southeast Missouri State University

    “Although the audience for this book is Speech-Language Pathologists, it would also be a great resource for other related fields such as neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurology.” — Vijayachandra Ramachandra, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Marywood University

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