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#e277 Telepractice Treatment for Early Intervention and School-Age Children

by Marissa Rocheleau, MA, CCC-SLP

This course is designed for SLPs to learn more about treating children in early intervention (ages 0-2) and in school settings (ages 3-22) using a telepractice based model. Topics will include valuable resources and materials to implement in treatment, collaboration strategies, real videos of treatment, and case studies....more+

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#e260 Early Intervention In Telepractice

by Marissa Rocheleau, MA, CCC-SLP

This course outlines how to implement early intervention in the telepractice setting. It will cover issues related to the research supporting telepractice for early intervention, identifying appropriate models of intervention for EI telepractice, and discuss potential ...more+

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#e241 The Impact Of Maltreatment On The Development Of Language

by Kimberly Sanzo, MS, CCC-SLP

This course is intended for speech-language pathologists who work with children who may have adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). It will address the effects...more+

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#e222 Optimizing Breastfeeding Safety And Outcomes In The Presence Of Feeding And Swallowing Disorders

by Kimberly Morris, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, IBCLC

This presentation will focus on assessment and treatment techniques to reduce aspiration risk at the breast and will highlight how to overcome obstacles to...more+

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#e164 Practical Strategies For Identifying And Assessing Infants And Toddlers With Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Elizabeth Crais, PhD, CCC-SLP

Recent evidence indicates that behavioral characteristics of ASD can be seen in some children as young as 12-15 months. Video examples of infants and toddlers with ASD will be used to illustrate what these behaviors look like in young children....more+

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#e161 Treatment Of Picky And Problem Eaters Using Food Chaining Therapy

by Cheri Fraker, CCC-SLP, CLC & Laura Walbert, CCC-SLP, CLC

This course instructs professionals in the treatment of children with complex feeding aversion using the techniques of Food Chaining. Participants will learn analysis of core diet, flavor mapping and flavor masking, and use of transitional flavors....more+

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#e156 Prevention Of Feeding, Speech, And Mouth Development Problems: Birth To Age 2

by Diane Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, CIMI

Participants will learn strategies to help establish solid foundations for the development of normal speech and feeding behavior for young children (birth to age 2) to prevent or reduce life-long feeding, speech, and mouth development problems....more+

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#e147 Selecting And Implementing AAC Systems For Young Children With Complex Communication Needs

by Joy McGowan, MS, CCC-SLP

This course will aid participants in the decision-making process for selecting an augmentative communication system, including five critical components to consider. Both high- and low-tech options are examined, including...more+

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#e94 Tongue Tie 101 For SLPs: What Is Our Role?

by Sandra Holtzman, MS, CCC-SLP, COM, QOM

Ankyloglossia and the SLP: To ignore it or not? To refer or not? Learn information critical in advising parents regarding feeding issues, dental concerns, social considerations, and referral options related to tongue tie....more+

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