Spark Snowman Matching Cards




Teach your child how to build tactile skills, motor skills, thinking skills, and learning basic vocabulary!

Spark Snowman Matching Cards creates a social learning environment and encourages turn-taking skills. Supports developing memory, language skills, vocabulary, and turn-taking. Improves hand-eye coordination. Each box contains a clear instruction card with 5 educational game ideas - this is more than just a matching game! Plus, it's perfect toddler games for little hands to manipulate. 

Great For:

  • Family Fun
  • Classroom
  • Speech Therapy
  • Center Play
  • Autism
  • ESL & ELL games

Match It:

Shuffle cards and place face side down on a flat surface. Players take turns selecting and turning 2 cards over on each turn. If they are the same and "match," the player keeps the set of cards. Optional: A player who successfully matches a set continues their turn.  If the cards do not match, they are turned over and the next player takes a turn. The player with the most card sets at the end of the game is the winner. This improves skills including but not limited to:

  • Working Memory Skills
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Improves Concentration
  • Turn-taking & Social Skills

Ask It:

Spread the Spark Snowman Matching Cards face-up on the table. One person selects a Spark Snowman Card by thinking about it, and the other players ask questions to guess which snowman was selected. Ask questions like "Does your snowman have star shaped buttons?" or "Does your snowman have mittens?" The Game continues until the correct card that was chosen is identified by the opponents. This improves skills including but not limited to:

  • Process Of Elimination
  • Formulating Questions
  • Discrimination
  • Describing

    Link It:

    Select 2 different snowman cards. Describe and tell how they are the same and how they are different. Use descriptions like colors and shapes or specific features like mittens and types of smiles. This improves skills including but limited to:

    • Comparing & Contrasting
    • Describing
    • Categorizing
    • Associations

    Use It:

    Use Spark Snowman Matching Cards when teaching students colors or descriptive words. Describe each snowman and expand sentences by adding words and descriptions. For example: Hat. Blue hat. A happy snowman with a blue hat. OR Scarf. Red Scarf. Red scarf around the neck. This improves skills including but limited to:

    • Increasing Vocabulary
    • Describing Skills
    • Increasing Sentences

    Remember It:

    Use Spark Snowman Matching Cards to improve memory skills by showing some snowman cards, memorizing the features and then turning them over face down. Choose from a selected amount of snowman cards (including the matches of the snowman cards that were originally examined and memorized) and tell which ones match the snowman cards that are face down. This improves skills including but limited to:

    • Concentration & Word Recall
    • Working Memory
    • Making Associations
    • Turn-Taking

    What's In The Box:

    Spark Snowman Matching Cards includes 50 large premium large (4.5" x 3.5") DURABLY thick with extra laminated protection for easy cleaning

    Each box contains a clear instruction card with easy to learn ideas of games and uses for the snowman picture cards.

    Target Age Range: 3 & up

    Adaptable for all ages! Spark Snowman Matching Cards are a great memory game for BOYS and GIRLS ages 3 & up. Great for kids and family play. Easily adaptable to multiple levels by using fewer cards when playing. Builds confidence and boosts self-esteem by providing a sense of achievement. 

    What's Next?

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    Spark Animal Puzzle Set Includes 25 sets (50 total) large cards (4.5 x 3.5) that are colorful and have beautifully illustrated animals like Alligator - Swamp, Ant - Anthill, Bear - Cave, Bee - Hive, Bird - Nest, Camel - Desert, Caterpillar - Cocoon, Chicken - Coop, and more >

    Spark Cards - Set 1 Includes 8 story sets featuring Going To The Library, Making A Lemonade Stand, Preparing For A Hurricane, Planting Flowers, Going To The Vet, A Trip To The Beach, Setting The Table, & Playing Football with 6 cards in each set. Learn More >

    "I’m a pediatric speech pathologist and I love this sequencing set! We use it to sequence events in a story (of course!) but also to expand sentences through detailed descriptions, produce grammatically and syntactically appropriate sentences from simple to complex, make inferences and develop problem-solving skills." – Jennifer S.

    "As a speech therapist of school age-children, these cards come in very handy for so many language goals. These cards can be used to help teach narratives, sequencing skills, drawing inferences, and building sentences. The cards are beautifully made and durable. Each story comes with a card with questions and problem-solving scenarios for the students to answer." – SLP

    "I bought these cards to use with my daughter (7) who is having expressive language difficulties. I needed something a bit more than regular sequencing cards to stimulate her. These cards are more like sequencing scenes and sequencing stories with loads of detail that really help my daughter with her expressive challenge. She is loving them! The card sets come with amazing question cards on each picture which really guide me to work on her language skills. We will save the problem-solving tasks (that the sets include) to practice when she targets that in therapy. Overall a really great product." – Nate

    "I am a speech-language pathologist in a middle school setting, and sometimes it can be difficult to find age-appropriate materials. I love these cards because each story is relevant and relatable, and the illustrations are age-appropriate. I used my Spark cards to target a variety of goals - grammar and syntax, inferencing, social skills, comprehension at all levels, narrative formulation, picture description, and sequencing. I have even used them for my articulation and fluency students - they were great for mixed groups. The cards were also a lifesaver when my schedule was chaotic because this no-prep material made lesson planning easy." – Monica

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    What's Included

    Spark Snowman Matching Cards includes

    • 50 Large 4.5" x 3.5" cards, fully laminated for easy wipe down.
    • 1 clear instruction card with 5 Educational Learning Game Ideas and uses for the Snowman Matching Cards.

    Target Audience

    Ages 2 and up.


    After earning her Masters degree as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Spark Innovations founder, Leah Schwed, MA, CCC-SLP, began working with school age children struggling with a variety of language deficits. Among her obligations was creating fun yet educational learning experiences. She noted one common issue again and again, the need for engaging and updated quality materials that encourage children to think and improve language one step at a time. After a decade of experience working with children, she set out to create products and materials that were updated, kid friendly, fun, and multi-functional when used in therapy.

    In 2017 Leah incorporated The Spark Innovations Inc., and the Award Winning Spark Cards were introduced in 2018. Spark Cards have been described as an amazing tool helping parents, therapists, and educators teach core language skills to children in a most fun and exciting way. It's mission is helping all children improve language development one step at a time.

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