Quick Pocket Reference for Tracheostomy Tubes and Speaking Valves




A great resource to have on hand while managing patients with tracheostomy tubes and speaking valves!

  • Organized to help clinicians quickly recognize common trach tubes and speaking valves.
  • Photos of the trach tubes and speaking valves are shown from the angle a clinician would view when evaluating and treating a patient.
  • Sections are organized by design, such as cuff shapes, cannula differences, and neckplate designs.
  • Simple charts are included to "decode" the neckplate information so clinicians can quickly know the difference between "DCT" and "DIC."
  • Size charts for inner and outer diameter cannulas and tube lengths are presented in a systematic fashion for ease of reference.
  • Basic terms are defined and helpful tips to problem solve appear throughout the manual.

Additional Photos

What's Included

Sections Include:

  • Basic Tube Anatomy
  • Selection
  • Cuffs
  • Brand Identification
  • Code on Neck Plate
  • Sizes
  • Speech
  • Talking Trach Tubes
  • Speaking Valve Identification

Manual Specifics:

  • 4" x 5.5" spiral-bound pocket guide
  • 136 water and tear resistant pages
  • ©2016

Target Audience

A resource manual for healthcare professionals managing patients with tracheostomy tubes and speaking valves.


Roxann Diez Gross, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a leading expert, accomplished researcher, and frequently invited national and international lecturer. Her areas of expertise include swallowing function, esophageal dysphagia, and management of patients with tracheostomy tubes and speaking valves.

Currently, Roxann is Director of Research at The Children's Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to this position, she was Director of the Swallowing Disorders Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology in the School of Medicine. She is now an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh.

Roxann has published several scientific papers and clinical book chapters. Her primary area of research examines interactions between breathing and swallowing in neurologic and respiratory disease. Over the past 7 years, Roxann has expanded her clinical work and research to include non-pathologic forms of esophageal dysphagia.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — Roxann Diez Gross is a presenter of online CEU courses by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

Financial — Roxann Diez Gross is the author of "Quick Pocket Reference for Tracheostomy Tubes and Speaking Valves" published by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

Nonfinancial — Roxann Diez Gross has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Customer Reviews

"I really like the 2 pocket guides available on Northern Speech Services for Swallowing A&P as well as for trachs/vents (very useful resource for acute and long-term acute care)." – Rinki V.D., SLP (Dec. 2017)

"Just got this in the mail and love it!" Lia B., SLP (Nov. 2017)

"This is a great reference tool for working with patients with trachs. First, the guide is not much bigger than my iPhone. It very easily fits in my scrub top pocket. The pictures are large and very visually appealing. Each page consists of some text but is not too much to read. It is truly a reference tool."

"The book consists of the following sections: Basic Tube Anatomy, Selection, Cuffs, Brand Identification, Code on Neck Plate, Sizes, Speech, Talking Trach Tubes, Speaking Valve Identification. Each section consists of pictures and texts to aid in the identification and decision making for Trach tubes and speaking valves."

"Whether a seasoned or new clinician working with patients with trachs, this is definitely a guide worth the money!" – Tiffani Wallace, SLP (Dysphagia Ramblings)

"As a busy RT, this Quick Pocket Reference guide has been so helpful at the bedside. I love having this knowledge and resource right at my fingertips!" – Lyndsi Yarkosky, BS, RRT

"The new Quick Pocket Reference for Tracheostomy Tubes and Speaking Valves by Roxann Diez Gross is a 'MUST HAVE' for seasoned and novice Speech/Swallow Clinicians in acute care, intensive care units, skilled nursing facilities, and otolaryngology attendings and residents involved in the care and treatment of adult patients who undergo tracheotomy. Dr. Gross provides an updated, comprehensive delineation of adult tracheostomy tubes, talk trachs, valves, and caps on the market today – many of which are not typically stocked in hospitals' central supply. In addition, she provides the basics of tube construction, including the variations within/between brands of tubes with regards to component parts, material composition, sizes, cuffs, and cannula angling/flexibility. This well-visualized information is coupled with Dr. Gross' 'newsy' notes, useful tips, and specific precautions. The Quick Pocket Reference for Tracheostomy Tubes and Speaking Valves addresses tracheostomized patients' need for comfort and quality of life by assisting in the education of clinicians and by facilitating accurate, appropriate selection of tracheostomy tubes and prosthetic devices for oral communication." – Suzanne Abraham, PhD, SLP

"This is an excellent resource for respiratory therapists, speech pathologists, and physicians. It contains 'tips' and 'pearls' to assist the clinician to better care for their tracheostomized patient. Several common tracheostomies are presented, with descriptions of why one tube may be favored over another in particular circumstances. The practical, 'everyday' information on tube dimensions should help clinicians choose the correct tracheostomy tube for their particular patient’s anatomy and clinical situation. The “Quick pocket reference” is an invaluable tool in this age of complex patients and multiple types of tracheostomy tubes." – Libby Smith, DO, FAOCO

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