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Welcome to Color My Conversation!

Color My Conversation is a dynamic product. We'd like to help you implement it as easily as possible. This webpage contains training videos, instructional downloads, and reproducibles included with your order.

To get started, we recommend that you:

• Review the components within your CMC kit.

• View the video tutorials below.

• Download the instructional manual.

• For each lesson, reference the training video and downloads.

Getting Started – Video Tutorials:

To view the complete CMC Training, simply allow the videos to continue playing consecutively.

Instructional Manual:

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Online Training

Teaching Conversation Skills

This optional online course presents strategies to teach children the language skills needed for face-to-face conversations. Provides evidence-based teaching methods and ‘hands-on’ learning activities that can effectively support the acquisition of three conversation skills: greetings, chitchat, and long conversations with embedded topics. Course offered for 0.25 ASHA CEUs. Learn more >

Individual Lesson Training Videos:

CMC Lesson Reproducibles:

Lesson 1 - Yellow Conversation 

Lesson 2 - Short Conversation 

Lesson 3 - Long Conversation 

Lesson 4 - WH Questions 

Lesson 5 - Special Questions 

  • Download Special Questions Yes! No! Maybe So! Instructions
  • Download Special Questions Rap Song Lyrics
  • Download Special Questions Worksheet
  • Download Special Questions Wall Display

Lesson 6 - Making Comments Count

  • Download Making Comments Count Instructions
  • Download Comments & Questions Chant Song Lyrics
  • Download Making Comments Count Worksheet
  • Download Shantilly Manilli's Conversation Movers Activity
  • Download Making Comments Count Wall Display

Lesson 7 - Topic Changer Pro

Lesson 8 - Speaking Loud and Clear 

Lesson 9 - Beading 

Lesson 10 - Topics of Conversation

  • Download Topics of Conversation Instructions
  • Download Topics of Conversation Parent Letter
  • Download Conversation Features Tally Sheet Activity
  • Download Bubble Connections Activity
  • Download Comment and Question Drill Activity
  • Download Conversation Feature Sheet Activity
  • Download Munchkin Magnificent Manipulables Activity

Lesson 11 - Carryover

Lesson 12 - Customize

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CMC Questions?

Section 2 – Beads, Beads, and Special Needs

      • Download Beads, Beads, and Special Needs Instructions

Section 3 – Supplementary Section

      • Download Supplementary Activities Instructions
      • Download Daily Practice Data Keeping Form
      • Download Individual and Small Group Data Keeping Forms
      • Download Classroom Based Data Keeping Forms
      • Download Conversation Features Tally Sheet Activity
      • Download Conversation Super Star Self Evaluation Form
      • Download Three Praises and One To Think About Peer Evaluation Form
      • Download Assessment Rubric
      • Download Caregiver Interview
      • Download Student Questionnaire

Color My Conversation Songs

Download All Songs

  1. Gathering Song 
  2. Yellow Conversation Song
  3. Hello Song
  4. Short Conversation Song & Chant
  5. Long Conversation Song
  6. Questions Song
  7. Why Song
  8. Special Questions Rap
  9. Comments & Questions Chant
  10. Use Your Eyes Song
  11. Eye Contact Ditty Song & Chant
  12. Color My Conversation Song

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Rosslyn Delmonico, MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP

Meet The Author

Rosslyn Delmonico, MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP, has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 35 years both within the private and public school systems, and has had her own private practice since 1991. Through her years of experience, she has worked almost exclusively with school-age children, with her main focus of interest being on those with language impairments.

Rosslyn saw a need for a connected and comprehensive social language program, one which would take language-impaired children from a basic greeting to the most complex conversation that they were capable of having. In 2006, she started developing a speech-language therapy tool for children within her caseload called Color My Conversation. Since that time, it has continued to emerge as a social language based program applicable for both special needs and general education children.

Rosslyn discovered that her best teaching practices developed over her years of experience included movement, color, song, and hands on learning. If the children were having fun, they were engaged. When they were engaged, they were learning! Her multisensory approach to teaching has proven to be highly effective with her students. Rosslyn's personal philosophy is that all children are special, can learn, and have something to give the world through their unique personalities.

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