What's Next?™ | A Cognitive Retraining Program

A Treatment Protocol For Dementia

What's Next?™ is a multi-disciplinary, routine-based, cognitive retraining program for individuals with mild to moderate functional cognitive deficits. What's Next?™ was created to teach individuals suffering from dementia and other cognitive disorders to maximize independence and decrease reliance on caregivers to perform the vital functional skills required for independent living.

Complete Program Includes:

  • Formal Online Training (0.2 CEUs)

  • AMPS Formal Assessment – Activity Management
    Performance Scale

  • AMPS Worksheet To Identify Goals

  • AMPS Decision Tree

  • Acceptance Continuum

  • Routine Recording Worksheet

  • Goal Writing Samples


The What’s Next?™ Program:

  • Formal, structured, measurable, and evidence-based treatment protocol that serves adults with mild to moderate cognitive deficits. 

  • Based on extensive research of routine, habituation, and event-based prospective memory.

  • Uses objective and functional measurements for assessment, reassessment, and discharge to measure efficacy of the treatment program. 

  • Allows the clinician to build goals around the tasks that are tested, and retested, with increased and improved performance expected.

  • Delivers excellent results, improved test scores that represent true improved performance, and satisfied caregivers.

What's Next - Dementia Therapy Session

Test what you are treating, and treat what you are testing. Demonstrate your treatment is effective!

Questions & Answers

What is the What’s Next?™ program?

The What’s Next?™ program is a therapeutic approach designed to improve the quality of life and provide greater levels of independence for persons with mild to moderate dementia.

Why is this program important to consider?

Currently third-party payers, including Medicare, deny claims for cognitive interventions because outcomes measured by traditional therapy approaches are not related to quality of life and independence measures. In addition, the assessments typically used with this patient population do not provide task performance information in the areas being treated. What's Next?™ is different. It was designed with a specific testing protocol that not only provides information about the performance in specific vital tasks, it also allows the clinician to build goals around the tasks that are tested and retested with increased and improved performance expected. The author of the What's Next?™ program is currently using it with her clients and is being reimbursed by Medicare for these services.

What is unique about the What’s Next?™ program?

The What’s Next?™ program is unique because it utilizes an event-based approach to change behaviors related to quality of life and increased levels of independence.

Is there evidence to support this program?

Yes, there is research to support the use of routines and event-based methods to significantly improve the quality of life for persons with mild to moderate dementia. A research reference list is included with this program.

What are the 6 areas of focus of the What’s Next?™ program?

This program focuses on 6 essential skills that play an important role in an individual’s ability to maintain independence. These skills are: Time Management and Orientation, Medication Management, Nutrition and Hydration, Follow Through with Home Exercise Programs, Phone Communication, and Emergency Response.

What educational level can participants expect, and what are the prerequisites for this program? 

What’s Next?™ is delivered at an intermediate level because the participants must have:

    • Experience or at least be familiar with cognitive screening tools, such as the SLUMS or MOCA.

    • Be able to stage dementia with tools, such as GDS (Global Deterioration Scale) or BCRS (Brief Cognitive Rating Scale).

    • Be familiar with cognitive treatment tools, such as Errorless Learning and Spaced Retrieval.   

Who can implement the What’s Next?™ program?

Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists can implement the What’s Next™ program after completing the online competency training (0.2 CEUs). 

How do you determine candidates for the What’s Next?™ program?

The What’s Next?™ program includes specific instructions and materials to determine who qualifies for this program. 

What is included in the What’s Next?™ program?

Begins with an online training course (0.2 CEUs). Also, includes an Acceptance Continuum, the AMPS Formal Assessment, a Decision Tree to help with inter-rater reliability of the assessment, PDFs for record keeping, AMPS Worksheets to identify goals, and goal writing samples.

In what work settings is the What’s Next?™ Program most appropriate?

The most appropriate settings are home health, assisted living, and independent living environments. 

What can you expect after completing the What’s Next?™ Competency Program?

Those completing this program will demonstrate the competencies required to successfully implement the What’s Next?™ program. A peer support program including live question and answer webinars will also be available to those completing the competency program. Two hours of ASHA and AOTA continuing education credits are also included.