Kaufman Apraxia | Assessment & Treatment

K-SLP Apraxia

The K-SLP® is an evidence-based evaluation and treatment method for childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and other speech sound disorders. Created by apraxia expert, Nancy Kaufman, these methods build and shape intelligibility through a hierarchy of successive approximations based on natural phonological processes. Use this approach to expand verbal communication while controlling for speech motor coordination difficulty throughout the treatment process.



Kaufman KSPT Test

Kaufman Speech Praxis Test For Children

The KSPT aids in the identification and treatment of CAS. It measures a child's imitative responses to the clinician, identifies where the speech system is breaking down, and points to a systematic course of treatment. Breakdowns in KSPT match the levels of treatment in the Kaufman Treatment Kits, allowing for a seamless transition to therapy.

Online Training

Comprehensive Apraxia Course

Apraxia expert Nancy Kaufman discusses evaluation and treatment strategies for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. This presentation will include signs and symptoms of CAS, establishing motivation, shaping word approximations, implementing and fading cues, reinforcement strategies, data collection, scripting functional expressive language, coaching parents, and practicing skills in the natural environment.

Therapy Materials For Intelligibility

Treatment Kit 1 – Basic Level

Teach children to combine consonants and vowels to form words while controlling for speech motor coordination difficulty. Includes the syllable shapes children need to master to become effective vocal/verbal communicators.

  • Includes 225 durable and engaging picture cards (5"x7").
  • Synthesis of /b, d, h, m, n, p, t, w/.
  • Teaches unique pivot syllables such as "ny" or "dle".

Treatment Kit 2 – Advanced Level

Once a child has mastered the sounds in Kit 1, use Kit 2 to refine articulation and build intelligibility. Features familiar two and three-syllable words to target more complicated speech motor skills and synthesis into initial and final word positions.

  • Includes 285 durable and engaging picture cards (5"x7").
  • Synthesis of /f, g, k, l, s, sh/ and blends /s, r, l/.
  • Features the pivot syllables: low, ber, ter and ing.

Therapy Materials For Expressive Language

Kaufman Workout Book – 3rd Edition

Teach children to combine words to formulate expressive language. Outlines 16 specific speech motor coordination workouts. Each workout explains the targeted skill, describes how to perform the exercise, and specifies help to be offered to the child.

  • Reproducible Workouts now available via download!
  • Includes scripting and cueing techniques plus targets word retrieval and grammatical development.
  • Colorful, engaging artwork featuring the Mutt Family characters.
  • Hardcover, 133 pages (12"x9").

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Kaufman Total Language Builder – 2nd Edition

Playful, hands-on therapy tool! The cue cards direct the Mutt Family characters into action as children learn to formulate 2 and 3 word combinations. Includes simple bisyllabic words from Kit 1.

  • Holds attention as students manipulate the object and character pieces.
  • Practice following directions as well as labeling the characters and objects.
  • Each puzzle piece targets a simple verb.
  • As language skills improve, additional puzzle pieces can be introduced to increase level of difficulty.

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Kaufman What's In Your Doghouse Therapy Practice

Engaging, structured therapy game to help children bridge speech motor coordination practice to expressive language. Reinforce simple nouns and teach production of verb-object and subject-verb-object phrases. Use with 1 to 6 players.

  • Practice motor planning for nouns found in Kaufman Kit 1.
  • Pivot phrases. Open___. Take out___.
  • Question formulation. Did you get a___? Do you need a___?
  • Social language. My turn. Your turn. What did you get?
  • Visual matching and early literacy skills.
  • Syntax and morphology: pronouns, auxiliary verbs, articles and more.

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"Kaufman is my staple. Having a variety of programs and skills in which to pull provides the best results for my students. My students never lose interest – still the same targets, but in a variety of structured activities."

– Laura L., SLP