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Standardized Training in Swallowing Physiology: Evidence-Based Assessment Using the Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP™) Approach

This book facilitates a deeper understanding of the swallowing mechanism through discussion of 17 physiologic components requisite for the execution of normal swallowing. Utilize the handy tables and detailed medical-anatomical illustrations as a quick reference for the anatomy and neural innervation of specific swallowing structures to better target treatment.... more+

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Standardized Training in Swallowing Physiology & The Swallowing Pocket Guide

Save $24 when you combine these two best-selling dysphagia resources. Written by leading dysphagia experts, Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris and Dr. Ianessa Humbert.... more+

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Kaufman Speech Praxis Test (KSPT) Score Sheets

Need additional KSPT score sheets?  This order includes a packet of 25 score sheets. Each can be used twice – once for the original assessment and once for a follow-up test.... more+

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The Swallowing Pocket Guide

A compact visual reference filled with detailed pictures, physiology summaries, nerves, and muscle names and function that comprise the swallowing process. Contents overview the tongue, soft palate, pharynx, hyoid bone, larynx, and the upper esophageal sphincter.... more+

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