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Note: We suggest that you download and print these instructions so they will be handy as you go through the steps of registering for an Online Course. Please call our customer service at 1-888-337-3866 if you encounter any trouble registering for one of our Online Courses.

  1. Choosing a Course
    1. After opening, click on "Continuing Education" in the menu bar near the top of the screen. A new page will open up. Clicking on 'Online Courses' will provide you with the option to search for a Course by Title, Author, CEU amount, etc. Or, you can simply scroll through the complete list of Online Courses.
    2. After browsing the titles, click on the 'More Info' button to the right of the title that you are interested in. This will bring up specific information about that Course. Clicking this button will NOT automatically register you for a course.
    3. On the specific Online Course page, review the course description and course objectives as well as the cost, course format, reviews, and contact hours to determine whether to register for this course. If you do not want to register for this course, simply click the 'back' button on your browser to return to the menu of Online Courses. When you are ready to register for a Course, continue on to step 2.
  2. Registering for an Online Course
    1. While viewing the Online Course page, you will see an 'Enroll Now' button at the top right side of the screen.
    2. You will be asked if you want to enroll as an Individual or as part of a Group.
      • If you select Individual, the course will be added to your cart.
      • If you select Group, you will need to follow the How To Register instructions before continuing through the Enroll Group Now process.
    3. At this time you can make changes to anything in your cart, you can continue shopping, or you can check out. If this is the course you would like to take, and you are done shopping, click on 'Checkout.'
  3. Logging in to Your Account
    1. After clicking 'Checkout,' a screen will appear asking you to 'Log in' to your account. If you've completed an online transaction with us in the past, you need simply enter your email address and password and click 'log in' to continue (Go to step 3d). If you have not yet created an online account with us, you will need to enter in the appropriate information under the 'New Customers' section.
    2. In order to create a new account you will need to complete the required information boxes, including a password. Select a password that you will remember in the future (it may also be a good idea to write it down in a safe place). You will need to supply both your email address and password every time you would like to access your account and/or Online Course.
    3. After completing all the required boxes, click on 'Checkout' again.
    4. You will need to enter in the payment information before clicking the 'Review Order' button near the bottom of the page. If any required boxes are left blank, you will be prompted to fill them in. Once complete, click 'Review Order.'
  4. Payment Options
    1. Under the 'Payment' section, you will need to select the type of credit card you are using. Paying by credit card will allow you to begin your Online Course immediately. If you would prefer to pay with a credit card over the phone or to mail in a check, those types of payments will need to be successfully entered and recognized by our computer system before you can access your Online Course. It may take up to one business day once payment has been received before you can begin your Online Course when paying by phone or mail.
    2. When paying by credit card, select your credit card type and enter in the number, name on the card, and expiration date. (Make sure you DO NOT include spaces or dashes when entering your credit card number) Click 'Review Order.'
    3. A "Checkout - Process Order" screen will appear allowing you to verify your order. When you are ready to have your order placed (and credit card run), click 'Process Order.'
    4. A "Checkout - Thank You" screen will now appear showing your order confirmation. You will also receive a confirmation email shortly. If you would like a receipt, click on the 'Print' link in the top left corner of the window. A new window will appear and you can print from that window.
  5. Accessing Your Online Course When Paying By Credit Card
    1. From the "Checkout - Thank You," click on the button titled 'Access Your Online Course Now' in the top right corner.
    2. A window titled 'My Online Courses' will appear with a list of your purchased Online Courses.
    3. Click on the Online Course title to begin taking the course.
    4. A new screen will open with the Course Materials and Sections on the left and the first section video on the right.
    5. You DO NOT have to finish your Online Course in one sitting. You can stop whenever you need to and return to the course where you left off.
  6. Logging On to an Unfinished Online Course
      1. To return to your Online Course, simply click on My NSS in the top right corner of the screen and Log In with your email address and password.
      2. See Step 5b to proceed from there.

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