Online Courses - What are they?

Advantages to taking an Online Course:

  • Earn CEUs from your home or office
  • Online Courses are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Don't have to miss work or cancel patient appointments to "attend" a Course
  • Eliminates travel time and travel costs
  • Don't have to pay for a full-day Live Course when you only need 1 or 2 more credits
  • Instant access to information relevant to your field of practice
  • Earn "last-minute" credits toward licensure
  • Allows you to learn at your own pace
Unlike a Live Course that is attended in person with an actual presenter, our Online Course "lectures" are presented via the internet to your computer. Since Online Courses are not live lectures, you can "attend" them at any time and view the material at your own pace. Taking an Online Course is very similar to reading a manual or book, except that the charts, graphs, and text are viewed on your computer screen. Courses are divided into several sections much like short chapters in a book. After beginning an Online Course, you move from section to section until you have completed the course. Just as with a book, you are free to jump ahead or to go back to a previous section at any time. Online Courses allow you to work at your own pace - stopping and starting as many times as you wish. They can be completed all at once, or they can be completed over a period of days or weeks.

After completing all of the "chapters," you move on to take a multiple question test. You will need to obtain a score of 80% to pass and earn credit. If you do not score 80% or better, you are allowed to review the material and modify your answers until a score of 80% is reached. Once you have passed the test, you will have the option of printing a certificate of completion. The certificate is proof that you have completed the Online Course and earned the specified number of credits. You will have unlimited access to the Course, even after course completion. 

Online Courses are not necessarily meant to replace group-learning, Live Courses. They are simply a great way to supplement knowledge on a topic and supplement CEUs for licensing requirements. Most state licensing boards do accept CEUs earned online (usually classified as home-study credits). However, if you are taking an Online Course for credit, we suggest that you contact your licensing board to verify acceptance policies and home-study credit limits before registering.

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