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LEAP: A Science-Based & Clinician Ready Cognitive Stimulation Program For Adults

LEAP is a cognitive stimulation program designed to strengthen cognitive processing, communicative function, and cognitive reserve in adults. Includes over 200 cognitive and linguistic stimulation activities graded for difficulty. Plus, clinician-ready forms for session planning and documenting client progress. All materials are downloadable for easy implementation.... more+

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Standardized Training in Swallowing Physiology & The Swallowing Pocket Guide

Save $24 when you combine these two best-selling dysphagia resources. Written by leading dysphagia experts, Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris and Dr. Ianessa Humbert.... more+

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A Clinician's Guide to Successful Evaluation and Treatment of Dementia

This book was written to address considerable uncertainty "out in the field" regarding how to evaluate and treat persons with dementia. Therapeutic techniques selected often do not take the person's diagnosis and staging into mind. Subsequently, this can lead to pessimism regarding the efficacy of doing therapy with persons with dementia. Throughout this text the authors stress the importance of using evidence-based interventions and how doing this can lead to predictable and positive outcomes.... more+

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EyeLink2 is a non-electronic communication device to support message exchange for non-speakers when electronic communication devices are not easily accessible. For use in the ICU setting for intubated, tracheostomized and ventilator dependent patients, quadriplegic, and locked-in patients. Also for patients with neurogenic diseases such as ALS, MS, Guillain-Barré, cerebral palsy and brainstem stroke.... more+

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Habits of Happy People

Everyone wants to be happy but few of us understand the thought processes that are necessary to experience happiness. Through this book, learn to experience more positive feelings about yourself, the people in your life, and life in general.... more+

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Picture Categories Galore & More

Teach categorization and other language skills with this complete and comprehensive program. Features visually appealing, up-to-date photos and images, and uses a 3-tiered approach to target Association, Exclusion, and Advanced Vocabulary.... more+

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Standardized Training in Swallowing Physiology: Evidence-Based Assessment Using the Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP™) Approach

This book facilitates a deeper understanding of the swallowing mechanism through discussion of 17 physiologic components requisite for the execution of normal swallowing. Utilize the handy tables and detailed medical-anatomical illustrations as a quick reference for the anatomy and neural innervation of specific swallowing structures to better target treatment.... more+

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The Breather®

The #1 Best-Selling Respiratory Muscle Trainer! The Breather® is the first drug-free, evidence-based Inspiratory/Expiratory RMT device for use by patients with COPD, CHF, dysphagia, neuromuscular disease, and anyone interested in healthy aging and feeling their best.... more+

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The Swallowing Pocket Guide

A compact visual reference filled with detailed pictures, physiology summaries, nerves, and muscle names and function that comprise the swallowing process. Contents overview the tongue, soft palate, pharynx, hyoid bone, larynx, and the upper esophageal sphincter.... more+

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Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependence In Adults and Children: Learning Through Case Studies

The first of its kind, this textbook provides clinicians, educators, and students with detailed descriptions of real-world interventions and treatment strategies. It integrates what is known about physiology and treatment methods into the context of actual patients and their lives.... more+

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