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School-Age Stuttering Therapy: Practical Activities #e285

Presenter: J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA

Learn specific goals and treatment activities that can be applied immediately in your stuttering therapy.

This course presents 10 treatment goals and 27 treatment activities that SLPs can select and adapt when working with children who stutter. The presentation will help clinicians apply fundamental knowledge about stuttering therapy in order to reduce the adverse impact of stuttering for school-age children and adolescents (ages 6-18).

Course includes many practical activities that can be applied immediately in therapy, all based on a solid, evidence-based foundation that accounts for the broad experience of stuttering. View additional courses with Dr. Yaruss >>

Course is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs – 3 Contact Hours.

Specific treatment goals and activities include:

  • Building a strong foundation for therapy and helping children get ready to make changes in their speech.
  • Helping children learn to reduce physical tension and struggle during moments of stuttering and to diminish their fears about stuttering.
  • Teaching children to change the timing and tension of their speech production to reduce the occurrence of stuttering behaviors.
  • Supporting children as they learn to minimize avoidance of speaking situations so that they can communicate freely and effectively.
  • Working with the people in the child’s life, including parents, teachers, and peers, so that they can provide a supportive environment that builds the child’s overall communication abilities.

View additional courses with Dr. Yaruss >>

"This was such an excellent presentation on stuttering!! Take this course, and you will learn so many things that you can use as a school-based SLP!"

– G.J., prior course participant

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"The information presented by Dr. Yaruss is so extremely useable and relatable to me as a school-based SLP. His techniques and strategies are ones I can take into the therapy room tomorrow!"

– W.H., prior course participant

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Course Overview – Run Time: 3:01:35

  • Quick Refresher:
    • Stuttering is more than just stuttering.
  • Treatment Goals:
    1. Learning about stuttering and preparing for change.
    2. Changing stuttering and reducing fear.
    3. Reducing stuttering by changing timing and tension.
    4. Minimizing avoidance and achieving a balance.
    5. Addressing the environment.

Stop and re-start the course at any point. Learners retain access to course content after completion for ongoing reference and review.

The content of this online CE course does not focus exclusively on any specific proprietary product or service. Presenter financial and non-financial disclosures may be found in the Presenter & Disclosures area.

Video PowerPoint presentation with author narration & downloadable handout. Stop and re-start the course at any point. Learners retain access to course content after completion for ongoing reference and review.


"The desensitization strategies were very interesting and I think will apply to many different aspects of daily practice. I like how the strategies were broken up into their own slides." C.C. (May. 2024)

"Starting points for fluency data were beneficial. I liked that I could conquer this course at my own pace." S.B. (May. 2024)

"Techniques and sample goal writing were helpful. The flow of information was easy to follow and understand." D.G. (Apr. 2024)

"The concrete examples and activities were beneficial. I enjoyed discussing the way to frame stuttering for the parents." C.D. (Mar. 2024)

"All of the course was extremely helpful and very practical. I loved how organized this presentation was and how the speaker had himself in a small video on the screen with the powerpoints as well because it made it more interesting to watch and listen to. He was a very good communicator and an excellent teacher. I would have loved to have him as a professor way back when I was in school." L.C. (Mar. 2024)

"I liked the discussion on managing stuttering as opposed to trying to cure it." A.L. (Feb. 2024)

"I really loved the entire course. I've been on a several-year quest to become more confident and better equipped to help my students who stutter. This reinforced for me that I'm on the right track with my methods. It highlighted the importance of spending more time on the foundational groundwork. I also loved the sections about practicing handling bullying, as well as the topics brought up about parents." V.L. (Feb. 2024)

"The activities and guidelines were practical and useful. This course really delivered in what I'm always hoping for, which is getting right to the meat and potatoes. I loved the way the instructor spoke, like he was talking to you. He was not "presenting a slide show" and reading like a robot. He was very real and honest and gave practical strategies and information that could be used immediately." V.L. (Feb. 2024)

"Helping students deal with bullying that is the result of their stuttering was a beneficial topic. The speaker was animated and seemed personable." L.G. (Feb. 2024)

"I work with school-aged students with a wide array of disorders, including fluency, therefore this course is applicable. Having the outline of possible goals for these students is very helpful in planning my approach to treatment. I liked the example of goals sections spread across each area covered." D.K. (Feb. 2024)

"Scott's continued repetition of the importance of desensitization and helping the student to become accountable to self - not to do what parents or teachers think is best for the student was beneficial. Wonderful practical examples of how to implement strategies. I liked the goals written that reflect current IEP standards." T.A. (Feb. 2024)

"Discussing fluency treatment was beneficial. The presenter was very knowledgeable." A.W. (Jan. 2024)

"Desensitization was a helpful topic. I liked the presenter." S.S. (Jan. 2024)

"The topic that I found most helpful was why we practice the pseudostutter. Learning about how to desensitize stuttering really helped me understand why it's important. I like how in-depth this training goes with examples and reasoning behind why and how we approach the strategies. It's important to know that we can't only focus on the strategies, but stuttering as a whole." S.R. (Jan. 2024)

"The presenter was awesome, very knowledgeable, and had excellent ideas on what to do for dysfluency." K.S. (Jan. 2024)

"All of the course was beneficial. The teacher was very informative and kind." T.S. (Jan. 2024)

"The treatment strategies to use during my therapy sessions were helpful. I enjoyed the layout of the information with the goal, treatment strategies, and then explanation for each." H.R. (Jan. 2024)

"I liked the discussion of desensitization being the foundation of everything." C.H. (Dec. 2023)

"Beneficial discussion that fluency is not the main focus of therapy, but more emphasis should be placed on being a good communicator. Excellent handout and manner in which the information was presented." S.F. (Dec. 2023)

"I liked the discussion on how to explain stuttering to a client. This course was practical and easy to understand." M.D. (Dec. 2023)

"Simple strategies and practices. Beneficial discussion of treating each individual, not same for every student that stutters." E.B. (Dec. 2023)

"I enjoyed the high level of knowledge of the presenter. Desensitization and awareness were beneficial to discuss." S.S. (Dec. 2023)

"I liked the idea of foundational teaching at the beginning of treatment, especially the speech machine concept. Loved the presenter's way of teaching! Very easy to follow and excellent information!" A.Y. (Dec. 2023)

"Beneficial topics included describing stuttering, treatment activities, and stuttering vs. fluency. I liked how engaged and interested the speaker was on this topic. It made it easier to listen to the course!" M.E. (Dec. 2023)

"Dr. Yaruss is an engaging speaker. I enjoyed the clarity and comprehensiveness of the presentation. ICF approach; the concept of making talking easier rather than maximizing fluency." A.D. (Dec. 2023)

"I liked the presenter's attitude and openness." K.S. (Dec. 2023)

"I liked that this was geared towards the school-age population. I very much enjoyed the materials and presentation." T.D. (Dec. 2023)

"LOTS of practical activities laid out in a methodical manner. My big take away was to be methodical in working through the 10 goals and not to jump around; that the student needs a solid foundation in order to achieve some generalization." C.H. (Nov. 2023)

"I have several students who stutter on my caseload currently, and this course has helped me to reframe my thinking on how best to support them during therapy sessions, and also how to select goals/topics to discuss to help them learn more about their speech. The presenter was conversational and provided many great examples and analogies that I feel I can use with my students to help connect with them and support their journey to making speech easier." R.S. (Nov. 2023)

"This course was super informative, and the speaker was highly knowledgeable." M.M. (Nov. 2023)

"One of the best online courses I've ever taken. Love the goal writing tips, the activities, all of it. The speaker is engaging and easy to listen to. He doesn't sound like he's just reading an outline or a script." A.J. (Nov. 2023)

"I liked that the presenter views this therapy as speaking more easily and not improving fluency or decreasing stuttering. I liked the discussion of techniques to address the bigger picture, and I like that I learned things I can directly include in my therapy." K.W. (Nov. 2023)

"Goals, treatment activities, & parent/teacher advice. I liked this approach being child/student-led and viewing it through the lens of trying to have effective communication as the overall goal, as opposed to decreasing stuttering events/increasing fluency." M.S. (Nov. 2023)

"How to write relevant goals. Teaching the speech mechanism to the point that the child could teach others. Keeping us up-to-date on things that have changed." S.L. (Nov. 2023)

"Great instruction on actual therapy activities and how/when to do them. SO much useful information." M.S. (Nov. 2023)

"Dr. Yaruss is a charismatic teacher. I liked the updated research." J.P. (Nov. 2023)

"I liked the treatment goals that were reviewed. The presenter was very clear with his course objectives." R.A. (Nov. 2023)

"The information presented by Dr. Yaruss is so extremely useable and relatable to me as a school-based SLP. His techniques and strategies are ones I can take into the therapy room tomorrow! Discussing the importance of teaching desensitization to stuttering throughout the treatment process and what effects this has on a child who stutters was beneficial." W.H. (Oct. 2023)

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Staying on the foundation of stuttering was beneficial, i.e., how they stutter, before going on to fluency techniques." A.S. (Oct. 2023)

"The goals and parent/family involvement tips were beneficial. I liked the course format, tips, ease and convenience." T.W. (Sep. 2023)

"Enjoyed the goals and activities. And the specific interventions." S.C. (Sep. 2023)

"Learning the step by step process for addressing stuttering and all components was helpful. I liked that this course did not focus just on techniques and addressed the ICF model, acknowledging that we aren't going to CURE stuttering, but how we can really help!" K.S. (Sep. 2023)

"Knowing how important it is for students to understand the "speech machine" as well as supporting them socially and pragmatically especially bullying. Dr. Yaruss was such a wonderful presenter. I really enjoyed learning from him, not only the content of the topic, but also the way he presented." M.M. (Sep. 2023)

"The presenter was passionate about helping students who stutter. It was beneficial to discuss letting the student be the teacher of parents, teachers, and bullies...with the aid of therapist and other school staff." A.B. (Aug. 2023)

"Good information and easy to listen to." J.B. (Aug. 2023)

"Very detailed presentation with lots of examples, like having children write a letter to their teacher, dealing with bullying in an efficient way." A.R. (Aug. 2023)

"I liked the activities outlined throughout this course. The examples/analogies provided will be very useful in my future practice." G.S. (Aug. 2023)

"I liked the explanation of the therapy techniques and the goals provided." T.G. (Aug. 2023)

"How to address bullying and how to work on de-sensitization were beneficial topics. I liked the presenter's explanation of the big picture of stuttering." M.K. (Jul. 2023)

"Very practical! Clearly, the presenter enjoys his work and wants to help other SLPs to feel comfortable with working with individuals who stutter. I love the idea of having the individual reenact the therapy session every session! I can see multiple benefits of that - family/significant other education and support, ownership of their stuttering treatment, reinforcement, and practice of what was learned." S.P. (Jul. 2023)

"I liked the explanation of the stuttering modification techniques and how they are related, and sometimes the same as fluency enhancing. I liked the activities and goals provided. I have a couple students who stutter and this progression will be helpful for them. I liked how this course addressed the parents and teachers acceptance and knowledge of stuttering as it is difficult to find time to contact them." M.E. (Jul. 2023)

"There were a variety of activities for me to use with students of all ages, and I appreciated the information regarding talking to parents as well as the strategies to deal with bullying. I have used "speech machine" discussion and pictures but will have students draw their own, reducing the use of word "fluency" and instead talk about the ease of fluency. I also will use the strategy of "teach the teacher." L.H. (Jul. 2023)

"The order of goals was beneficial, and I liked the exact goal list and rationale." N.G. (Jul. 2023)

"I liked the discussion of timing and tension along with desensitization. Dr. Yaruss had an easy to listen to way of presenting the information. He clearly shows that he enjoys working with individuals who stutter and conveys this in such a way that makes the clinician more confident on taking on individuals who stutter." E.V. (Jun. 2023)

"ALL OF IT! Knowing why and how to use these goals is extremely helpful in understanding the goals set by the SLPs that I work with (I'm a Communicative Disorders Assistant). I liked how useful and practical all of the information is." L.C. (Jun. 2023)

"Engaging speaker. I liked the parent engagement and having the student teach the parents." N.V. (Jun. 2023)

"This course was clear, with written goals and great examples. The discussion around desensitization was very interesting. I will use this with my clients." L.S. (Jun. 2023)

"Writing appropriate goals and examples were beneficial. The presenter was clear and easy to follow. His slides are fantastic and will help me remember key points in the future." K.T. (Jun. 2023)

"Engaging, knowledgeable speaker and valuable information. Interesting format and discussion about working on the entire stuttering experience and not just enhancing fluency." P.S. (Jun. 2023)

"I liked that all the techniques and approaches provided were practical. It was beneficial discussing what to prioritize when beginning stuttering therapy (i.e. desensitization)." A.M. (Jun. 2023)

"The presenter was knowledgeable and easy to listen to! I liked the discussion related to the fact that techniques are hard to use and they will most likely not ever become fully automatic. It is up to the child to decide what is best for them (balance of stuttering versus managing the stuttering)." K.P. (May 2023)

"Very practical and informative course. I liked the focus on communicating effectively vs. fluency rate." L.S. (May 2023)

"So practical, so informative, so relatable, and doable! Discussing timing and tension and teaching students what they do in a moment of stuttering was all beneficial." R.R. (May 2023)

"I love how Dr. Yaruss supports the child and recognizes that there is no cure for stuttering. He helps the child learn to accept and how to cope with their stuttering. I loved actually seeing Dr. Yaruss as the slides were presented. It was more captivating! He had a nice pace, nice inflection that kept the participant engaged." H.O. (May 2023)

"The specific goals were very helpful. Learning how to teach kids about their "speech machine" I think will be very helpful. Course was very informational and easy to follow." R.S. (Mar. 2023)

"Loved the treatment activities." J.V. (Feb. 2023)

"Instructor is great!" C.B. (Feb. 2023)

"Well-rounded approach to helping kids who stutter. Information that I can use in therapy." L.S. (Feb. 2023)

"I liked the strategies to work on stuttering." Z.R. (Feb. 2023)

"Practical instructional activities. A good reminder about the foundation of speech production." K.S. (Feb. 2023)

"Presentation was excellent. Acceptance of stuttering for children and for families." S.H. (Feb. 2023)

"The content is directly applicable." A.R. (Feb. 2023)

"The incorporation of research-based practices, how our profession has evolved in terms of how we view and approach stuttering therapy, theoretical considerations, as well as the immediate practical examples to use in therapy sessions. I liked the formatting, pacing, and real-world examples." A.P. (Jan. 2023)

"Dr. Yaruss was a very captivating presenter, one where the listener could feel his love and passion for the world of stuttering." A.P. (Jan. 2023)

"Dr. Yaruss' approach to driving an initial understanding of the speech mechanism, where tension is felt/placed, and how to release it is a refreshing and pertinent way of approaching this type of therapy with my weekly clients. I liked the self-paced nature and the conversational, yet informative, delivery of information." S.G. (Jan. 2023)

"Wow, this is one of the most practical and informative courses I have ever taken! I really appreciate the advice on how to talk to parents about their child's stuttering. The activities and the goals are so useful too. I love the idea of the speech notebook and the client teaching his parents what was covered in therapy." J.T. (Jan. 2023)

"This course built upon my foundational knowledge of stuttering and stuttering therapy, and I thought the information was very straightforward and 100% applicable. I had many "ah-ha" moments because the information went into depth about the why and how to target these areas. I really loved this course and am so thankful I took it!" N.S. (Jan. 2023)

"Demonstration of therapy activities were beneficial. Clear and concise with plenty of examples." B.J. (Jan. 2023)

"Comprehensive goals rather than the focus on fluency enhancing techniques only. Thorough, organized, easy to listen to course." E.A. (Jan. 2023)

"I liked the focus on the overall aspects of speech. Course was easy to understand." N.C. (Jan. 2023)

"I liked the discussion of building the foundation of understanding the speech mechanism and spending more time on this so the child truly understands the WHY so they can then apply it to HOW to change their speech mechanism." N.S. (Jan. 2023)

"Techniques and strategies that assist in helping children during daily activities/tasks. Recent and up to date research on stuttering." L.E. (Dec. 2022)

"Very organized and great examples and thorough explanation of topics. Helping parents and teachers to understand stuttering was helpful." K.P. (Dec. 2022)

"I love the comprehensive approach to stuttering. It's just as important to address the negative reactions and focus on what each student is experiencing. It was comforting to know this may take several weeks to accomplish and not to move on until the student has a solid foundation." C.B. (Dec. 2022)

"I appreciated that instead of focusing on theory, Dr. Yaruss gave practical applications of how to incorporate specific activities into daily therapy." J.M. (Dec. 2022)

"I liked how the course addressed the whole stuttering experience and emphasized making communication more comfortable for the child. I felt empowered to discuss improved overall communication and daily functioning with parents rather than focusing on improved fluency." J.M. (Dec. 2022)

"The strategies for Timing and Tension will help me tremendously in my daily practice. How to teach desensitization will also help me in my daily practice. I like how I can help empower children to empower themselves and to be more accepting of their stuttering." W.J. (Dec. 2022)

"Easy to follow along. I liked the goal creation and sample activities." L.H. (Dec. 2022)

"Learning how to deal with the student's teachers and also bullying." E.S. (Dec. 2022)

"Presenting information for parents & teachers and understanding the child’s role in these opportunities for carryover of learned strategies was beneficial. I liked the outline of goals and how to recognize each child’s goals differently." H.B. (Dec. 2022)

"Course was comprehensive. I liked how he spoke about the speech machine and the different activities." L.G. (Dec. 2022)

"I liked the therapy topics and the breadth of speaker's knowledge on this topic." V.J. (Dec. 2022)

"I liked the discussion of reducing the student's stress about stuttering. The goals and activities were provided in a clear and concise manner." C.M. (Dec. 2022)

"Everything was beneficial. I liked the presenter's communication style. Everything flowed really well and was easy to understand." J.L. (Dec. 2022)

"I really found the format helpful. I appreciated how he shaped the presentation using therapy goals and how it also then easily translated into what I can do during therapy sessions to help my students. I loved the real examples with the wording of potential goal ideas." L.B. (Dec. 2022)

"Presented by a professional who truly is in tune with successful stuttering techniques and manners of students." D.M. (Dec. 2022)

"This course taught kids about the speech machine. It was engaging and very interesting, I liked how it gave practical activities to do." W.G. (Dec. 2022)

"Presented in an easy-to-understand format. Practical ideas for goals and activities that can immediately be used within therapy sessions." M.M. (Dec. 2022)

"Liked the specific treatment strategies for older children who stutter. I enjoyed the presenter's speaking style, perspective on stuttering, and depth of knowledge." J.G. (Nov. 2022)

"All of this course was awesome!! The format of the powerpoint presentation was easy to follow. The instructor did not jump around and stayed with the topic at hand." M.R. (Nov. 2022)

"I found the discussion on therapy techniques to be most beneficial. I thought the presenter was particularly excellent at his craft. He was able to inform & instruct the audience accurately regarding practical activities used to engage school-age students in Stuttering Therapy, all while demonstrating how each activity was conducted." C.F. (Nov. 2022)

"I love that course explored the complete experience of stuttering and that stuttering is more than just stuttering. I learned that each child is different and goals are based on what is most important to the person that stutters." T.O. (Nov. 2022)

"I found all the information valuable! After watching this course, it became clear to me that I need to spend more time on this aspect. I also liked the portion about bullying and being proactive rather than reactive around that piece!" T.T. (Nov. 2022)

"I liked the discussion of timing and tension as the simple basis for all fluency shaping techniques. I also liked the discussion about trade-offs between easy speech techniques (reducing tension and time pressure) and naturalism/automaticity and the clear discussion of this and that, no, a person who stutters won't be aiming to use these techniques all the time." R.M. (Nov. 2022)

"I liked the ten treatment goals and then 27 activities, the knowledge the speaker brings to the course, and the way he helps SLPs feel more confident. I have heard this presenter many times in person and online and he just gets better and better!" J.D. (Oct. 2022)

"Presenter was highly knowledgeable, interesting, and easy to listen to - excellent use of examples." L.P. (Oct. 2022)

"So helpful to have activities to use immediately! One of the best and most useful courses! I have completed his previous two courses and this is perfect to go along with them!" J.H. (Oct. 2022)

"Specific goals and activity ideas." H.W. (Oct. 2022)

"It was very informative to use for school-age children. Learning the different goals and how to start." M.C. (Oct. 2022)

"I liked the flow of goals/therapy sessions and the variety of activities to address each goal." H.S. (Oct. 2022)

"The topic was very relevant to my current caseload and provided some great information. Dr. Yaruss is a wonderful, engaging speaker." N.S. (Oct. 2022)

"It was very informative and helpful. Great ideas, easy to access." D.P. (Sept. 2022)

"I liked the handouts and activities - ways of desensitizing my clients." L.G. (Sept. 2022)

"Language was simple, personable, easy to understand, easy to listen to. I also appreciated that the post test tested general understanding."  K.B. (Sept. 2022)

"It was very comprehensive to my learning and stuttering therapy that I provide. It offered helpful review of the techniques implemented even before the use of the strategies begin."  K.P.-P. (Sept. 2022)

"I loved the entire session."  P.H. (Sept. 2022)

"Laying a good, solid foundation to understanding the speech anatomy as well as exploring the student's method of stuttering so that we can reduce the discomfort they are feeling and then find a strategy to help them stutter more easily was nice to learn.  Dr. Yaruss is so interesting and engaging. I've heard him speak both in person and online and they are equally good because he knows the material so well."  E.P. (Sept. 2022)

"I liked the style and organization of presenter."  A.T. (Aug. 2022)

"I like that you could see the speaker! He was very enthusiastic."  J.A. (Aug. 2022)

"I really enjoyed learning about building a foundation of knowledge about stuttering and also educating teachers about stuttering. I also enjoyed the presenter's style as well as the visual handout."  C.D. (Aug. 2022)

"The course was very organized! Good goals and activity ideas."  M.H. (Aug. 2022)

"I am spending a lot more time on all aspects of "Learning about stuttering" - especially the importance of the student truly understanding the speech mechanism and how it works! This course was EXCELLLENT!  Dr. Yaruss is able to explain information in a format that is easy to understand and utilize. His procedures for treatment activities were invaluable for the goal areas he addressed!"  T.A. (Aug. 2022)

"I loved the whole idea of treating the whole child. I do this naturally and I felt better about what I am doing."  A.D. (Aug. 2022)

"Importance of learning about the speech mechanism and ways to teach that, methods for teaching changes to tension and timing, and the importance of addressing bullying before it is ever a problem, if possible."  T.T. (Aug. 2022)

"All of it! Loved the in-depth discussions on timing and tension, desensitization, and bullying. Excellent, practical information that truly makes sense. I loved the practical, up-to-date advice and activities. Having left graduate school nearly 30 years, ago, I really needed this course to reinforce current thinking and methodologies on stuttering."  B.J. (Aug. 2022)

"I needed to hear Scott Yaruss say how important teaching the student to understand what parts of his body feels tension and learn to recognize where the tension is. I like that Scott recommended spending a lot of time on this foundation teaching about the speech machine and learning to notice tension. I also like that the goal in therapy is not to speak fluently, but to speak more easily. Excellent information.  The very specific examples provided and discussed were exceptionally informative and I liked seeing the information that was written with objectives and goals displayed. I'm a visual learner. Thank you for this excellent information. I wish I could download the entire list of goals and activities."  L.B. (Aug. 2022)

"Very knowledgeable presenter with a wealth of practical strategies and insights."  P.A. (Aug. 2022)

"The acceptance by teachers and parents and the idea that we should not think of achieving fluency, just speaking more easily.  Dr. Yaruss was excellent, both in his knowledge of the topic and his presentation of the information. He was very organized and the presentation was easy to follow."  M.C. (July 2022)

"Excellent presentation. So many things I thought were true based on old information from our field were clearly now false! I learned so much, and I look forward to visiting Stuttering Therapy Resources.  Organized presentation, gave example goals and techniques. Presented the WHY'S to his suggestions and was detailed in a way that I can immediately put his suggestions to use in my practice. Thank you so much!"  J.B. (July 2022)

"The presenter was clear and concise."  K.N. (July 2022)

"The specific goal examples were helpful, and having specific and practical information about activities to do with a student who stutters was so clear and will be easy to implement in my therapy practices. Scott is so practical, organized, engaging, and thorough in his presentations. He is easy to listen to and I never look at the clock and think when is the course going to be over!"  C.H. (July 2022)

"Building individual hierarchies with the students was beneficial for my practice. Material was covered well."  S.S. (July 2022)

"This was the single most beneficial course I've taken in any area of practice since I graduated 25 years ago! Very important material presented extremely well. Applicable and impactful. I will recommend to all my colleagues." J.R. (July 2022)

"This course was great! I appreciate courses that focus on how to do things in practice. This course provided practical strategies and goals, along with when to utilize them." L.P. (July 2022)

"I felt the presenter was highly knowledgeable, likeable, and easy to listen to. The material was presented beautifully, but most importantly, the content was extremely important and hopefully will be widely implemented by SLPs." J.R. (July 2022)

"Lots of ideas to put in place for therapy." K.W. (June 2022)

"I liked that it included actual activities to use in sessions! And I could stop and start at all times and the program picks up again where I left off." M.H. (June 2022)

"I liked the practical strategies to use in therapy sessions, and learning how the approach to therapy has changed over the years." L.P. (June 2022)

"I loved all of the content! How to address teaching parents about stuttering was beneficial for my daily practice. Course was a good reminder of what I should be working on to treat the entire disorder, not just the disfluencies." T.N. (June 2022)

"I liked the activities and information, and the 'how' and 'why' to use them. All activities were discussed in depth." J.M. (June 2022)

"This was such an excellent presentation on stuttering!! Take this course, and you will learn so many things that you can use as a school-based SLP!" G.J. (May 2022)

Course Objectives

  • Describe the value of taking a comprehensive view of stuttering in school-age children.
  • List up to 10 specific treatment goals that can be adapted and individualized for school-age children and adolescents who stutter.
  • List up to 27 specific treatment activities that can be adapted and individualized to help school-age children and adolescents reduce the burden of stuttering.

Presenter & Disclosures

J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of stuttering across the lifespan. His research focuses on factors affecting the development of speech fluency and stuttering, as well as on the evaluation of stuttering treatment outcomes. He was an Associate Professor of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh for 19 years and is now a Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University. He is the author or coauthor of nearly 70 peer-reviewed publications, as well as more than 115 other articles, chapters, or books on stuttering. In particular, he is the co-author of the Overall Assessment of the Speaker’s Experience of Stuttering (OASES), as well as School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide, Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide, and the Minimizing Bullying program (all available from Stuttering Therapy Resources). Dr. Yaruss has given more than 450 continuing education workshops around the world, all designed to help speech-language pathologists feel more comfortable and more confident in their ability to help individuals who stutter.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — J. Scott Yaruss is presenter of online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

Financial — J. Scott Yaruss has intellectual property rights and an ownership interest in Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.; he also receives royalties and honoraria.

Nonfinancial — J. Scott Yaruss is a volunteer for the National Stuttering Association; he receives no compensation in this role. 

Intended Audience / Accreditation

asha ce approved provider

This program is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level; Professional Area).

Intended Audience

  • Speech-Language Pathologists

ASHA CEUs: NSS online courses are registered with ASHA and are offered for ASHA CEUs. The number of ASHA CEUs is noted above. Note that 0.1 ASHA CEU = 1 contact hour = equals 1 CEE.

ASHA CE Registry: During the enrollment process, if you select to receive ASHA credit for this course and if you provide your ASHA number, NSS will automatically submit your CEU information to the ASHA CE Registry after successful course completion (80% on post test). This submission happens once per month, during the first week of the month. For example, if you complete your course on November 7th, NSS will submit all November online course CEUs to ASHA during the first week of December. When ASHA inputs the information into their database, they will mark the course as completed on the last day of the month in which it was completed, so November 30th using this example. The certificate of completion available for you to print immediately, however, will reflect the actual completion date, November 7th in this example. Due to ASHA processing procedures please allow 2-3 weeks, from the submission date, for the course to appear on your ASHA transcript.

ASHA CEUs: Attendees must meet at least one of the following conditions in order to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs:

  • Current ASHA Member.
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) Holder.
  • Licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology.
  • Credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology.
  • Credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology.
  • Engaged in a Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an individual with their ASHA CCC.
  • Currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral program in SLP or audiology.

If an attendee is not an ASHA member or CCC holder but meets any of the above criteria, they may inform the ASHA CE Registry of their eligibility by visiting this site.

Licensing Boards: Most state licensing boards DO accept CEUs earned online (usually classified as home-study credits). Some state boards do, however, place a limit to the number of credits that can be earned via home study/online courses. For the most current information, we suggest that you contact your licensing board or agency to verify acceptance policies and/or any credit limits related to home-study courses prior to registering for this course.

Additional accrediting agencies by which Northern Speech is an approved CE provider:

  • California: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the California Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Board. Provider #PDP4. Online CEU limits may apply; please contact SLPAHADB for current online CEU acceptance policies.
  • Iowa: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Iowa Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Examiners. Provider #169.
  • Kansas: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Provider #LTS-S0005.
  • Florida: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Florida Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board. Provider #SPA-026.
  • New Jersey: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the New Jersey Department of Education. Provider #1654.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support: Please phone 888.337.3866 or email

Course Completion Timeframe:

You have unlimited time to complete our online courses. You may log off and log on as often as you’d like to in order to complete all sections of a course.

However, completion dates are based on Eastern Standard Time. Therefore, if you need your CEUs by a certain date, be sure to complete the course test before 11:59pm EST on that date. For example, if you need CEUs before January 1st, you will need to complete the course test before 11:59pm EST on December 31st.

Content Access:

Access to course materials and content does not expire, even after completing the post test. You may continue to review course material by logging into your NSS account, clicking the My Online Courses tab, and then viewing your desired course.

Certificate of Completion:

On successful completion of the post test (80%), a certificate will be immediately available for download and/or printing. This certificate will include your name, date of completion (based on Eastern Time Zone, USA/Canada), and number of contact hours (CEUs / CEEs). Please note that CEUs are awarded on the date of successful test completion, not the date of course enrollment. Please ensure that you successfully complete the post test prior to any licensure renewal dates.

ASHA CE Registry Submission:

During the enrollment process, if you select to receive ASHA credit for this course and if you provide your ASHA number, NSS will automatically submit your CEU information to the ASHA CE Registry after successful course completion (80% on post test). This submission happens once per month, during the first week of the month. For example, if you complete your course on November 7th, NSS will submit all November online course CEUs to ASHA during the first week of December. When ASHA inputs the information into their database, they will mark the course as completed on the last day of the month in which it was completed, so November 30th using this example. The certificate of completion available for you to print immediately, however, will reflect the actual completion date, November 7th in this example. Due to ASHA processing procedures please allow 2-3 weeks, from the submission date, for the course to appear on your ASHA transcript.

Purchase Orders:

Purchase orders are currently not accepted for online orders, if you wish to submit a purchase order please do so at or fax to 888-696-9655.

What is an Online Course?

Our Online Courses consist of video, audio, and/or text content and are offered for ASHA CEUs. Unlike a webinar, which requires participants to be logged on and at a computer at specific times, our Online Courses are available to you at any time, from any device, via your online account. You may work at your own pace and start and stop your course as you wish. Your course will conclude with a short post test. On successful completion of the post test (>80%), a printable certificate of completion is presented to you.

Receiving CEUs:

Northern Speech is an ASHA CE Provider and our online courses are registered with ASHA and offered for ASHA CEUs. Please note that successful completion of the online post test is required prior to the awarding of CEUs. Please contact your state licensing board for acceptance policies related to CEUs earned online. Please note that courses offered for university students are not applicable for CEUs.

Registering for an online course:

You may browse all online courses by clicking the Continuing Education tab above, then Online Courses. Once you find a course, click Enroll Now, and you will be asked to either log into your existing Northern Speech account or create a new online account. Once you’ve entered your account information and provided your credit card payment, your course will be immediately available to you.

Accessing your purchased course or returning to a purchased course:

You will be able to access your online course by logging into your Northern Speech account and then clicking the My Online Courses tab on your profile screen. Click the course you would like to start or to resume. From there, proceed through the course sections until you are ready to complete the post test. You do not have to complete your course all at once. You may log on and off as you wish.

Testing requirements:

Each online course concludes with a post test consisting of multiple choice or true & false questions. Scores of 80% or greater are required for successful course completion and awarding of CEUs. You may revisit course materials and retest as needed to achieve a passing score.

Number of CEUs offered:

We offer courses from 1 to 21 contact hours. Each course will note the number of CEUs offered. Please note that 0.1 CEU = 1 contact hour = 1 CEE.

State licensing boards and online CEUs:

NSS is an ASHA CE Provider and most state licensing boards DO accept ASHA CEUs earned online (usually classified as home-study credits). Some boards do, however, place a limit to the number of CEUs that can be earned via home study/online courses. For the most current information, we suggest that you contact your licensing board or agency to verify acceptance policies and/or any CEU limits related to home-study courses prior to enrolling in an online course.

Course formats:

Our course formats include: text, audio, video, and PowerPoint with author narration. Each course will note the format on the course description page. Most courses include closed captioning.

Course handouts:

Most of our online courses provide a link to download the accompanying handout as a PDF file. 

Group discounts:

Groups of 3 or more are eligible for a 20% discount on each registration on most of our online courses. To receive this discount, registrations need to be processed together via the "Group Rates" tab on the Online Course of your choice.

Computer requirements:

For our online courses to function best, we recommend that you update your computer to include the newest version of your Internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.) and newest version of your computer's operating system. Also a high-speed Internet connection is recommended (cable or DSL). Speakers or headphones will be required for many of our courses as many contain audio components.

Course Cancellation Policy:

A purchased online course can be exchanged, refunded, or transferred to another individual if contact is made with NSS (via phone or email) within 30 days of purchase and the course materials have not been viewed or downloaded. 

Special Needs:

Please click here for any special needs requests, and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

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