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Ethics And Burnout #e302

Presenter: Teresa Roberts, EdD, CCC-SLP

Learn the importance of ethical decision-making models in relation to cultural factors, compassion fatigue and burnout.

"Thank you so much for this information. Reading blogs and talking with colleagues - so many of us need this information." – K.B., prior course participant

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Speech-language pathologists may encounter a range of ethical dilemmas within their clinical practice. Ethical decision-making is a multi-step process that involves analyzing a given situation within a specific context. Ethical decision-making may be affected by cultural factors, as well as compassion fatigue or burnout related to work stressors.

This course will provide an overview of the ASHA Code of Ethics and ethical decision-making models in relation to cultural factors, compassion fatigue and burnout. Ethical decision-making will be examined through the lens of self-reflective practices. Resources for navigating compassion fatigue and burnout will be provided. Content is applicable for SLPs working with both adult and pediatric populations.

Course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs – 1 Contact Hours.

Course Overview – Run Time: 1:03:12

  • Introduction 
  • ASHA Code of Ethics
  • Ethical decision-making models 
    • Cultural aspects and contextualization
      • Historical, political, institutional, societal context 
    • Self-reflection
      • Emotional reserves and state of mind
    • Compassion fatigue
    • Burnout
    • Considerations and strategies 

    Stop and re-start the course at any point. Learners retain access to course content after completion for ongoing reference and review.

    Ethical Decision-Making and Speech Pathology

    "Very informative and provides good information on a topic that we all likely struggle with."

    – S.J., prior course participant

    Read more comments about this course!

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    Video PowerPoint presentation with author narration & downloadable handout. Stop and re-start the course at any point. Learners retain access to course content after completion for ongoing reference and review.


    ""Silent quitting" is a new concept to me. I want to take a more active effort to seek out more active ways to manage burnout so that it does not lead to "silent quitting". I liked the organization of course and new concepts." L.W. (May. 2024)

    "I enjoyed the discussion of burnout." J.O. (May. 2024)

    "I appreciated the reminder about being ethical during everyday normal activities in our field e.g. providing supervision to CF." J.O. (Apr. 2024)

    "ASHA Code of Ethics and Burnout Strategies were beneficial to discuss. The course was very informative and not too long." D.M. (Apr. 2024)

    "The discussion of pausing when considering ethics in the workplace was helpful. The presenter was very knowledgeable, and the information is pertinent to current workplace issues." L.B. (Apr. 2024)

    "It was beneficial discussing burnout and quiet quitting, which are both at a seemingly all-time high in our profession! This speaker was pleasant and spoke at a good pace." R.G. (Apr. 2024)

    "The course was both informative and concise and is applicable to a variety of workplace settings." M.R. (Apr. 2024)

    "I appreciated the long list of strategies for addressing burnout and the detailed descriptions of how those strategies may look and work to benefit us as providers." E.M. (Apr. 2024)

    "I enjoyed the pace and breakdown of the course." B.C. (Apr. 2024)

    "It was beneficial to discuss some strategies for stress. The speaker was easy to listen to." K.K. (Apr. 2024)

    "Discussing how to manage burnout in effective ways was beneficial. The course was quick and helpful." G.D. (Mar. 2024)

    "Helpful strategies and different causes of burnout/fatigue. I enjoyed the ease of learning and presentation." D.G. (Mar. 2024)

    "The strategies to address burnout were helpful. I liked discussing the need for societal change." S.O. (Mar. 2024)

    "I liked the instructor! The area re: ASHA's Code of Ethics in its historical context was beneficial." T.C. (Mar. 2024)

    "I had never heard of compassion fatigue. I learned a lot. I liked the strategies to address burnout." A.E. (Mar. 2024)

    "Strategies for when an ethical concern arises were helpful. Good pacing and good advice." A.P. (Mar. 2024)

    "Hearing about burnout strategies was beneficial. I liked that the course was only an hour." A.M. (Mar. 2024)

    "I liked that I could relate to this course. Discussing compassion fatigue was helpful." A.A. (Mar. 2024)

    "This course was easy to follow and understand. Discussed external factors that may affect ethical decision-making." L.T. (Mar. 2024)

    "I appreciated the compassion for the worker. Causes and consequences of burnout." M.C. (Mar. 2024)

    "Speaking about compassion fatigue and the results it may have was helpful. I liked the quick-paced information provided." J.P. (Feb. 2024)

    "Strategies to improve work burnout were helpful. I liked the breakdown of what causes work burnout and how to prevent it." J.S. (Feb. 2024)

    "I liked how applicable this course was." J.R. (Feb. 2024)

    "Discussing work-life balance was beneficial. I liked the short length of the course." M.M. (Feb. 2024)

    "Recognition of burnout and ways to combat it. The course was clear and brief." K.M. (Feb. 2024)

    "I liked that this course helps fulfill ASHA maintenance requirements for ETHICS. Easy to follow." B.S. (Jan. 2024)

    "All of this course made sense! I liked that it was quick and easy!" A.L. (Jan. 2024)

    "This course confirmed much of what I knew about professional burnout. It reminded me to be aware. I enjoyed having the outline and test ahead of time. I went through and answered the questions beforehand to compare as I went along. I liked that a lot." M.C. (Jan. 2024)

    "The scientific studies on burnout were beneficial. Very organized course." D.F. (Jan. 2024)

    "I liked the resources on burnout. I really liked that the presenter's face was on the screen as she was talking; it felt like I was taking a live webinar." A.N. (Jan. 2024)

    "The section that discussed strategies for addressing burnout was very helpful. I have experienced burnout in the last year. Some of the suggestions were things I didn't think would ease burnout, and I will happily try to implement them. I liked that the course is on-demand. Finding time for scheduled CEU courses is difficult with work and family, so being able to complete it on my own time/schedule is a major benefit." A.V. (Jan. 2024)

    "The discussion on cultural values and decision-making was beneficial. I enjoyed the speaker and what she had to say about this topic." L.L. (Jan. 2024)

    "Discussing the things to watch out for as I am a sole proprietor was helpful. I liked the ease of access for meeting my ethics requirement." C.M. (Jan. 2024)

    "The section about compassion fatigue and the strategies for addressing burnout was relatable at the moment. I liked that the course was online." M.B. (Jan. 2024)

    "I liked being able to take the course at my convenience. I also enjoyed the resources for burnout and compassion fatigue." R.L. (Jan. 2024)

    "The information about compassion fatigue and burnout - what they are, how to recognize and causes. I am especially thankful that the discussion did not end at that point and rather went into possible ways to handle these situations/feelings. I enjoyed the organization of the information. Thank you so much for this information. Reading blogs and talking with colleagues - so many of us need this information." K.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "The two books she mentioned and the article were helpful. I really liked the part about quiet quitting and ways to get yourself out of burnout. I also liked the presenter's style and voice!" J.S. (Dec. 2023)

    "As an employer and practicing clinician, this course had good information for me as a leader and increased awareness of my staff regarding these issues. The course was easy to understand and had good resources." S.M. (Dec. 2023)

    "Discussing systemic and organizational issues leading to burnout and strategies for mitigating the effects of burnout was beneficial. I liked the overall relevance of the content." R.S. (Dec. 2023)

    "Beneficial clarification around ethical practices while supervising a CF and information around burnout. All of the information and resources provided were helpful." B.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "I enjoyed the presentation of material in an organized framework." S.D. (Dec. 2023)

    "Learning how to question systems of power in relation to ethical considerations. Provided real practical solutions for addressing and preventing compassion fatigue and burnout." K.M. (Dec. 2023)

    "I liked the discussion on defining burnout and its impact on overall satisfaction." J.O. (Dec. 2023)

    "I liked that the presenter provided a visual of the PowerPoint to follow along and take notes. The topic of burnout is very relevant right now with an exponentially rising caseload!" A.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "The reminder of ASHA code of ethics was good and also the reminder that I am working with others who also have a code of ethics. The speaker spoke clearly and was personable." A.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "Looking at burnout and how I respond to that is ethical in nature was helpful. I liked the ways to help myself not find my identity in my busyness and work. Strategies to self-reflect and keep life/work balance." L.M. (Dec. 2023)

    "I liked the available handouts that I could download for future reference." J.L. (Dec. 2023)

    "I talk to my colleagues about taking time outside of work; I am glad this is research-supported. The information was well presented in a very professional but friendly tone." H.W. (Dec. 2023)

    "Everything about fatigue and burnout was helpful! I was part of these scenarios last school year when the job demands exceeded the capacity to work effectively. I liked knowing I am not alone with burnout in the field." A.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "I enjoyed the information about burnout. The information was clearly presented (Ms. Roberts' voice is easy to listen to!); Ms. Roberts presented relevant and interesting information about burnout itself and as much time on possible solutions to preempt / deal with it." M.B. (Dec. 2023)

    "I liked the calm nature of the speaker and a realistic view of our field." A.R. (Dec. 2023)

    "I liked the notion that issues beyond the specific job can affect how the job is working or not working for someone. Discussing the range of factors that affect ethics and burnout and the fact that ethics and burnout are interconnected was beneficial." A.A. (Dec. 2023)

    "This whole course was of benefit to me." D.T. (Dec. 2023)

    "Very clear, concise, empathetic delivery." S.A. (Dec. 2023)

    "Beneficial strategies for understanding and using various techniques to support workplace pressure. I liked the breakdown of recommended strategies for managing workplace pressure along with the additional resources cited, including websites/books." J.H. (Dec. 2023)

    "Succinct and straightforward information. Discussing ways to address burnout both in and out of the workplace was helpful." V.C. (Dec. 2023)

    "I enjoyed the self-care reminders to reduce the risk of burnout." M.N. (Dec. 2023)

    "Conversational, relatable presentation style. Implementing strategies for burnout, including shifting focus, were beneficial." S.S. (Dec. 2023)

    "Easy to understand and clear explanations." G.A. (Dec. 2023)

    "This course made me reflect on my challenges in the work setting. It was like looking at a mirror!" M.M. (Nov. 2023)

    "Easy to follow course. She was a good presenter. Learning how to maintain your sanity in the daily hospital setting when working with pt's who have sustained trauma." M.M. (Nov. 2023)

    "After this course, I have an increased awareness around compassion fatigue (of clients, their families, and my co-workers). I will continue to embrace the recent work shift of using outside providers to help with the workload and share that openness with colleagues. I will continue my quest to improve my own quality and quantity of sleep and consider ways in which I can 'Quit Quietly' - striving to do the bare minimum (without guilt) and continuing to strive to set boundaries around work time. I'll also remember that time does not need to be used for continual improvement and use this as 'permission' to try to live this idea." G.T. (Nov. 2023)

    "I enjoyed looking at the whole picture of elements that contribute to burnout." E.S. (Nov. 2023)

    "I found this topic helpful because all of us experience burnout throughout our careers. I found the recommendation of strategies to be helpful." S.H. (Nov. 2023)

    "Course was quick and to the point. I liked the discussion regarding separating work from personal life." S.F. (Nov. 2023)

    "I found the presentation to be very informative, and I liked how the presenter brought ASHA’s Code of Ethics into the discussion. Her delivery of the presentation was efficient and informative. The PowerPoint was well prepared and helpful as a visual guide to refer to as she spoke. I liked the fact that there were many practical examples regarding professional burnout and how we can recognize its occurrence and implement strategies to remediate it." J.B. (Nov. 2023)

    "Very interesting course - enjoyed the discussion on compassion fatigue and burnout. Ease of access, good information." A.P. (Nov. 2023)

    "Discussing how to decrease stress in the workplace was beneficial. The presenter was clear with a pleasant voice." S.K. (Nov. 2023)

    "Dynamic speaker. I liked the suggestions for decreasing burnout." J.R. (Nov. 2023)

    "The issues discussed were highly relevant to the profession. The discussion on how to overcome burnout was helpful. Great suggestions! The course was well presented. It flowed well and was easy to understand." A.C. (Nov. 2023)

    "The various decision tree models are a great reminder of how to remember where you should be in the decision-making process. I enjoyed the additional resources provided on how to help with burnout." E.M. (Nov. 2023)

    "This concept applies not only to myself but also to colleagues that I work closely with every day. I liked that the course was online, and I could access the content when I wanted and could review as needed." L.E. (Nov. 2023)

    "Simple and well laid out explanation of burnout and how to help feel more useful." K.A. (Nov. 2023)

    "I liked just about everything! The presenter and manner of her speaking, clearly and reflectively; the diagrams within the presentation materials; very meaningful content that is applicable as well to other health care and pastoral care professions. It was helpful to me to reflect back on my career - to see what sustained me and enabled me to maintain sincere human contact with my patients and also to see how I lost sight of work/life balance. It also validates my concern about the profession becoming more business-oriented than professional-oriented in the perspective of employers." E.S. (Nov. 2023)

    "Realistic course. Learning how to manage work life balance." C.H. (Nov. 2023)

    "This course gave tangible solutions to help avoid burnout. I liked pausing and analyzing my breathing." C.G. (Nov. 2023)

    "Very informative and provides good information on a topic that we all likely struggle with." S.J. (Nov. 2023)

    "Offered validity of our exhaustion and burnout in the field." S.M. (Nov. 2023)

    "Discussing burnout as a system-level infrastructural problem was beneficial. As a policy/systems-minded person, I was invigorated by this novel line of research/thinking." S.H. (Oct. 2023)

    "Practical suggestions to ethics in the workplace and offered suggestions for dealing with stress." L.F. (Oct. 2023)

    "This course was a wonderful integrative approach to Ethics and Burnout. Discussing the concept of Quiet Quitting and the reasons behind it was helpful." B.B. (Oct. 2023)

    "The presenter was knowledgeable and communicated information well. Burnout and job demands. Using advocacy for self-care." K.S. (Oct. 2023)

    "I found this course to be very truthful and real. I liked the topic of self-reflective practices. I also liked how the speaker explained compassion fatigue." M.D. (Oct. 2023)

    "I think this framework for burnout is really important for anyone who works with people. I appreciated how the presenter provided some structure around issues related to burnout and fatigue and gave practical strategies for thinking about how to minimize the impact." J.K. (Oct. 2023)

    "Compassion fatigue with practical solutions. I liked the realistic nature of this course addressing important topics that are not often discussed." A.P. (Oct. 2023)

    "Practical ways to deal with burnout and stress. The focus on work-life balance was beneficial." E.S. (Oct. 2023)

    "I liked the breakdown of different factors that can contribute to burnout and compassion fatigue. The actions to take to help break the stress cycle were beneficial." L.S. (Oct. 2023)

    "Easy, informative ethics course! The strategies for burnout and stress were helpful. I also really learned from the job demands-resources model. That made so much sense to my particular situation." S.S. (Oct. 2023)

    "Specific suggestions for addressing burnout - including collective action. Learning dangers of burnout and how it can lead to poor ethical decision making." C.B. (Oct. 2023)

    "The presenter's style was clear and concise - easy to follow and understand. I liked the discussion regarding managing burnout." B.M. (Oct. 2023)

    "I liked the specific ideas for helping with compassion fatigue and burnout." C.C. (Oct. 2023)

    "Advocating for self/others in the profession to reduce burnout, which can lead to problems with ethical decision making, representing the profession well by ethical behavior, and slowing down to consider ethical pathways rather than rushing to "solve" a problem without considering who is impacted (power dynamics)." A.B. (Sep. 2023)

    "Understanding the Job Demands-Resource model was the most beneficial because it will better help me advocate for myself in the workplace. I liked how concise this course was." R.P. (Sep. 2023)

    "Great speaker. Strategies to avoid burnout." S.A. (Sep. 2023)

    "Ethical dilemmas and ways to handle them. Understanding that integrity is important in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I liked the discussion that perfectionism is not expected, but respect for all involved is most important." F.D. (Sep. 2023)

    "I liked the models of ethical decision-making. This course gave me a framework with which to consider potential ethical dilemmas I observe in others and myself, as well as a framework to solve them that is positive and a context to view all the possible factors related to burnout and how to cope with it." J.Y. (Sep. 2023)

    "This course was informative and succinct; easy to digest and apply information; the examples used were relevant. It was beneficial identifying differences between compassion fatigue and burnout as well as resources to manage these." H.C. (Sep. 2023)

    "I enjoyed that this course is clinician-focused. The information regarding how to avoid burnout will be useful in helping me maintain habits that can prevent this from happening." R.A. (Sep. 2023)

    "This course made me think and reflect on how my own experiences have shaped my ethics." L.S. (Sep. 2023)

    "The information about job burnout was most interesting to me. I liked that the presenter spoke plainly and clearly. The accompanying handout relates well to the course." M.S. (Sep. 2023)

    "Talked about burnout and the reality of our jobs." B.M. (Sep. 2023)

    "Ways to combat burnout and support each other at work was helpful. The speaker was pleasant." E.N. (Sep. 2023)

    "Very clear and easy to follow. I liked learning about compassion fatigue." J.P. (Sep. 2023)

    "I liked the strategies to help with burnout, and the different steps in ethical decision making." S.S. (Sep. 2023)

    "References and recommendations for addressing burnout. I liked that course was presented in a non-judgmental way." C.S. (Sep. 2023)

    "I was able to personally identify with all of the topics presented. "Quiet quitting" as it applies to being able to manage work responsibilities was a beneficial topic." M.C. (Aug. 2023)

    "This course was well-organized and had a commonsense approach to the topic. I benefitted from the information about strategies for decreasing feelings of burnout." H.W. (Aug. 2023)

    "Improved self-reflection. Speaker was very calming and well versed on this subject." K.S. (Aug. 2023)

    "Discussing diversification of work responsibilities was beneficial. I liked the strategies to help burnout." K.G. (Aug. 2023)

    "The presenter was pleasant and knowledgeable." T.O. (Aug. 2023)

    "Easy to understand course with practical solutions. Strategies for workplace burnout." S.M. (Aug. 2023)

    "The presenter was charming and knowledgeable. Choosing when and when not to focus on excellence was beneficial. And prioritizing setting up a system that does not result in burnout." T.B. (Jul. 2023)

    "I liked the provided models for working through an ethical dilemma. As SLPs we love using frameworks, and having some structure to help work through that type of situation will be very beneficial. I liked that presenter was willing to stand up and say, in effect, that my work and profession aren’t the only important things in my life. And helping us all to be comfortable and more confident in standing up for our personal lives too when the work/life balance becomes heavily weighted on the work side." J.D. (Jul. 2023)

    "The presenter was concise and stayed on topic. I liked the review of common ethical dilemmas, ethical decision-making models, and general considerations when formulating a plan to address ethical dilemmas. The handout was detailed and covered all of the information shared, which is helpful when wanting to review it at a later time." M.N. (Jul. 2023)

    "I liked that this course covered the ethical responsibilities of being in this field along with the challenges of maintaining ethical practice when compassion fatigue and burnout become factors." S.P. (Jul. 2023)

    "Outstanding presenter and handouts. Most surprising strategy to address burnout - was to seek out varied work-related responsibilities. Also, the idea of "Quiet Quitting" was eye-opening." M.A. (Jul. 2023)

    "I appreciated how the subject of burnout was explored in greater depth along with viable solutions to address it." A.M. (Jul. 2023)

    "The speaker was excellent, and the information on the two topic areas was informative, relatable, and to the point. The information on ethics was a great reminder of ethical responsibilities as an SLP. I really loved the compassion burnout topic." M.C. (Jul. 2023)

    "I found the portion of this course dealing with compassion fatigue to be fascinating. I think this course should be required for all therapists." T.T. (Jul. 2023)

    "Excellent presentation. I liked that the handouts followed the presentation, so easy to take notes." S.H. (Jul. 2023)

    "I liked the ideas on how to decrease fatigue and burnout. Course was well organized and informative." D.G. (Jul. 2023)

    "I enjoyed the importance of mindfulness concepts to reduce burnout. The lecture was comprehensive, informative, practical, and useful. The information exceeded my expectations." B.D. (Jul. 2023)

    "I liked the discussion on the Social Context in Ethical Decision Making. This course was informative & enlightening, particularly the presenter's exploration of internal and external factors when considering the dilemma. This course achieved the goals stated in the beginning of the presentation." C.F. (Jun. 2023)

    "I liked the speaker's style of teaching. She presented her information in an organized way, easy to understand & she used visual aids effectively to support her presentation of concepts. She was well-researched & quite knowledgeable about the subject matter." C.F. (Jun. 2023)

    "Successfully presented realistic ethical dilemmas encountered by Speech Pathologists today and suggested possible ways of collaboratively generating solutions." C.F. (Jun. 2023)

    "This course helped me reflect on how I can support my staff to provide resources and an environment that encourages mindfulness. I liked the reflection about how emails are so task-oriented and that I considered how my relationships with staff who call me frequently are stronger than those for whom email is our primary mode of communication (often due to barriers - schedule usually - beyond my control)." L.H. (Jun. 2023)

    "Going through the steps to solve an ethical problem and what attributes to burnout was beneficial. I liked the suggestions on how to help with burnout." J.A. (Jun. 2023)

    "Straight forward talk about a very relevant issue. Liked connecting ethics to burnout." K.H. (Jun. 2023)

    "Relevancy to today's workplace. I liked the information about compassion fatigue and burnout." K.F. (Jun. 2023)

    "All was helpful and increased my understanding and helped shift my perspective. I liked this topic, course organization, and examples provided." W.R. (Jun. 2023)

    "This information was applicable and relatable. I truly enjoy my job, and feel like I have tools necessary to continue to enjoy my job for many years to come." K.K. (Jun. 2023)

    "Clear instruction. I liked the reminder to vary workload, change it up, and seek novelty." J.F. (Jun. 2023)

    "I liked the ASHA Code of Ethics information and the strategies for burnout. References are good also for further study. Layout of information was easy to follow and understand." L.W. (Jun. 2023)

    "Seeking ways to find specialties to keep you from job burnout and fatigue was beneficial. And providing support for others." A.H. (May 2023)

    "Useful information for my overall well-being. Easy to follow course." J.H. (May 2023)

    "The presenter was great, and I enjoyed the pace of this course. Liked the strategies for addressing burnout, especially evaluating my workload and seeking out varied work responsibilities." A.D. (May 2023)

    "This workshop goes beyond just solving ethical issues and included a lot of good advice for living an authentic life. What really stood out to me was the importance of not making your work your entire identity." S.S. (May 2023)

    "Discussing the external factors in the social context of ethical decision making was beneficial. I liked the burnout information and compassion fatigue - confirming that these are a real thing and not related to the person but the reflection on the culture/society as a whole." E.S. (May 2023)

    "Learning how to apply ethical decisions in my practice. I liked how well presenter explained everything throughout this course." B.F. (May 2023)

    "The presenter packed a lot into one hour and did a good job. I liked the reflection on burnout and compassion fatigue, delineating that there are different models of decision making." I.U. (May 2023)

    "The review of ASHA's Code of Ethics along with the discussion of common ethical dilemmas were beneficial. I liked the discussion regarding compassion fatigue and burnout." L.M. (Apr. 2023)

    "The topic on compassion fatigue was beneficial. This course addressed burnout as a real problem specific to sustained attention demands." C.J. (Apr. 2023)

    "The implications of burnout on ethics! Great resources to continue to explore." J.B. (Apr. 2023)

    "General steps in the decision-making process were beneficial. Liked how course addressed the impact burnout could contribute to reduced capacity to make poor ethical judgments." D.W. (Apr. 2023)

    "I think the acknowledgment of burnout in itself is immensely helpful. We DO live in a society that values work and efficiency, and we often lack acknowledgment of the emotional fatigue and burnout that can occur even when we love our jobs! Suggestions for mitigation of burnout were presented well and did not feel judgmental if they are not currently being performed." H.R. (Apr. 2023)

    "Discussing the ethics in decision-making was beneficial. The speaker was amazingly thorough!! She did a great job of providing examples and her discussion was so detailed." S.D. (Apr. 2023)

    "The information was well organized, was meaningful, and presented in an interesting manner. Burnout and compassion fatigue are real topics and, if not considered for resolution, will affect how we interact with our patients and coworkers and affect contentment in our current employment. The wholistic concept is that if we don't have a work-life balance, it actually can have a negative effect on our success and contentment in the workplace." D.F. (Apr. 2023)

    "I liked the strategies to avoid burnout. And acknowledging the stress of sustained effort." S.W. (Apr. 2023)

    "This course was precise and concise. The resources to address burnout were beneficial." D.R. (Apr. 2023)

    "Course was very on point and relevant. The discussion of job demands, resources model, and quiet quitting were beneficial. Appreciated the realistic strategies to apply." L.S. (Apr. 2023)

    "I liked feeling validated in my fatigue and resources for further improvements. The topic of burnout and compassion fatigue was beneficial." P.W. (Apr. 2023)

    "Burnout is a huge issue for our profession right now. I found the topic of compassion fatigue most beneficial. I've heard this term before, and it was helpful to hear it defined. I liked that this course covered ethical decision-making and burnout." S.D. (Apr. 2023)

    "Understanding compassion fatigue and its effects on burnout and decision making and moving forward was beneficial. I liked the discussion about burnout and strategies to cope with it." A.B. (Apr. 2023)

    "The discussion of cultural aspects of decision-making was beneficial. And I liked the burnout strategies." S.T. (Apr. 2023)

    "I enjoyed learning some strategies to reduce burnout. I liked that this course addressed the issue of burnout and how to keep up with our ethical responsibilities as an SLP." M.M. (Apr. 2023)

    "I liked that the course was validating to current situations. The topic on decision-making and burnout was beneficial." S.K. (Apr. 2023)

    "The idea to leave work at work and catching yourself stressing about work issues after hours and turn it off was beneficial. This course was efficient." A.G. (Apr. 2023)

    "This content was relevant. I liked the discussion of ways to address burnout." H.S. (Apr. 2023)

    "I liked the strategies for decreasing burnout. This course was to the point." C.D. (Apr. 2023)

    "Furthered my knowledge of compassion fatigue and burnout. Knowing I’m not alone in those concerns. I liked the suggestions for improvement of burnout." L.D. (Apr. 2023)

    "Consideration of community burnout vs. individual burnout was beneficial. I liked feeling acknowledged." J.M. (Apr. 2023)

    "Short, on-topic, good presenter." K.M. (Apr. 2023)

    "This course showed how unrealistic expectations impact job satisfaction and mental health. I liked the discussion on how work demands affect compassion fatigue." K.F. (Mar. 2023)

    "Teresa is a great presenter. I liked the topic on recognizing and coping with burnout/stress." H.C. (Mar. 2023)

    "I liked the section on Quiet Quitting. And the length of the presentation." J.B. (Mar. 2023)

    "Quick course with realistic suggestions. Learning to identify burnout and advocate for self in the workplace was beneficial." H.S. (Mar. 2023)

    "An excellent course for all SLPs. We are faced daily with ethical decisions and this course provides strategies. The presenter was excellent! Thank you!" G.J. (Mar. 2023)

    "Fantastic course. Appreciated resources cited and use of research to support the message. SLPs often hear of these concepts but addressing them from an evidence-based model is refreshing." A.L. (Feb. 2023)

    Course Objectives

    1. Describe typical components of ethical decision-making models.

    2. Explain cultural aspects of ethical decision-making.

    3. Define characteristics of compassion fatigue and burnout.

    4. Identify potential effects of compassion fatigue and burnout on ethical decision-making.

    Presenter & Disclosures

    Teresa Roberts (she, her), EdD, CCC-SLP, works as an Associate Clinical Professor in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Portland State University (PSU). Her areas of interest include language development and disorders, multiculturalism, and postsecondary pedagogy. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and has served as Faculty in Residence for Inclusive Pedagogy with the PSU Office of Academic Innovation.

    Speaker Disclosures:

    Financial — Teresa Roberts is presenter of online CE courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalties.

    Nonfinancial — Teresa Roberts has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

    Intended Audience / Accreditation

    asha ce approved provider

    This program is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level; Professional Area).

    Intended Audience

    • Speech-Language Pathologists

    ASHA CEUs: NSS online courses are registered with ASHA and are offered for ASHA CEUs. The number of ASHA CEUs is noted above. Note that 0.1 ASHA CEU = 1 contact hour = equals 1 CEE.

    ASHA CE Registry: During the enrollment process, if you select to receive ASHA credit for this course and if you provide your ASHA number, NSS will automatically submit your CEU information to the ASHA CE Registry after successful course completion (80% on post test). This submission happens once per month, during the first week of the month. For example, if you complete your course on November 7th, NSS will submit all November online course CEUs to ASHA during the first week of December. When ASHA inputs the information into their database, they will mark the course as completed on the last day of the month in which it was completed, so November 30th using this example. The certificate of completion available for you to print immediately, however, will reflect the actual completion date, November 7th in this example. Due to ASHA processing procedures please allow 2-3 weeks, from the submission date, for the course to appear on your ASHA transcript.

    ASHA CEUs: Attendees must meet at least one of the following conditions in order to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs:

    • Current ASHA Member
    • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) Holder
    • Licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology
    • Credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
    • Credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
    • Engaged in a Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an individual with their ASHA CCC
    • Currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral program in SLP or audiology

    If an attendee is not an ASHA member or CCC holder but meets any of the above criteria, they may inform the ASHA CE Registry of their eligibility by visiting this site.

    Licensing Boards: Most state licensing boards DO accept CEUs earned online (usually classified as home-study credits). Some state boards do, however, place a limit to the number of credits that can be earned via home study/online courses. For the most current information, we suggest that you contact your licensing board or agency to verify acceptance policies and/or any credit limits related to home-study courses prior to registering for this course.

    Additional accrediting agencies by which Northern Speech is an approved CE provider:

    • California: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the California Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Board. Provider #PDP4. Online CEU limits may apply; please contact SLPAHADB for current online CEU acceptance policies.
    • Iowa: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Iowa Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Examiners. Provider #169.
    • Kansas: NSS is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Provider #LTS-S0005.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Customer Support: Please phone 888.337.3866 or email info@northernspeech.com.

    Course Completion Timeframe:

    You have unlimited time to complete our online courses. You may log off and log on as often as you’d like to in order to complete all sections of a course.

    However, completion dates are based on Eastern Standard Time. Therefore, if you need your CEUs by a certain date, be sure to complete the course test before 11:59pm EST on that date. For example, if you need CEUs before January 1st, you will need to complete the course test before 11:59pm EST on December 31st.

    Content Access:

    Access to course materials and content does not expire, even after completing the post test. You may continue to review course material by logging into your NSS account, clicking the My Online Courses tab, and then viewing your desired course.

    Certificate of Completion:

    On successful completion of the post test (80%), a certificate will be immediately available for download and/or printing. This certificate will include your name, date of completion (based on Eastern Time Zone, USA/Canada), and number of contact hours (CEUs / CEEs). Please note that CEUs are awarded on the date of successful test completion, not the date of course enrollment. Please ensure that you successfully complete the post test prior to any licensure renewal dates.

    ASHA CE Registry Submission:

    During the enrollment process, if you select to receive ASHA credit for this course and if you provide your ASHA number, NSS will automatically submit your CEU information to the ASHA CE Registry after successful course completion (80% on post test). This submission happens once per month, during the first week of the month. For example, if you complete your course on November 7th, NSS will submit all November online course CEUs to ASHA during the first week of December. When ASHA inputs the information into their database, they will mark the course as completed on the last day of the month in which it was completed, so November 30th using this example. The certificate of completion available for you to print immediately, however, will reflect the actual completion date, November 7th in this example. Due to ASHA processing procedures please allow 2-3 weeks, from the submission date, for the course to appear on your ASHA transcript.

    Purchase Orders:

    Purchase orders are currently not accepted for online orders, if you wish to submit a purchase order please do so at info@northernspeech.com or fax to 888-696-9655.

    What is an Online Course?

    Our Online Courses consist of video, audio, and/or text content and are offered for ASHA CEUs. Unlike a webinar, which requires participants to be logged on and at a computer at specific times, our Online Courses are available to you at any time, from any device, via your NorthernSpeech.com online account. You may work at your own pace and start and stop your course as you wish. Your course will conclude with a short post test. On successful completion of the post test (>80%), a printable certificate of completion is presented to you.

    Receiving CEUs:

    Northern Speech is an ASHA CE Provider and our online courses are registered with ASHA and offered for ASHA CEUs. Please note that successful completion of the online post test is required prior to the awarding of CEUs. Please contact your state licensing board for acceptance policies related to CEUs earned online. Please note that courses offered for university students are not applicable for CEUs.

    Registering for an online course:

    You may browse all online courses by clicking the Continuing Education tab above, then Online Courses. Once you find a course, click Enroll Now, and you will be asked to either log into your existing Northern Speech account or create a new online account. Once you’ve entered your account information and provided your credit card payment, your course will be immediately available to you.

    Accessing your purchased course or returning to a purchased course:

    You will be able to access your online course by logging into your Northern Speech account and then clicking the My Online Courses tab on your profile screen. Click the course you would like to start or to resume. From there, proceed through the course sections until you are ready to complete the post test. You do not have to complete your course all at once. You may log on and off as you wish.

    Testing requirements:

    Each online course concludes with a post test consisting of multiple choice or true & false questions. Scores of 80% or greater are required for successful course completion and awarding of CEUs. You may revisit course materials and retest as needed to achieve a passing score.

    Number of CEUs offered:

    We offer courses from 1 to 21 contact hours. Each course will note the number of CEUs offered. Please note that 0.1 CEU = 1 contact hour = 1 CEE.

    State licensing boards and online CEUs:

    NSS is an ASHA CE Provider and most state licensing boards DO accept ASHA CEUs earned online (usually classified as home-study credits). Some boards do, however, place a limit to the number of CEUs that can be earned via home study/online courses. For the most current information, we suggest that you contact your licensing board or agency to verify acceptance policies and/or any CEU limits related to home-study courses prior to enrolling in an online course.

    Course formats:

    Our course formats include: text, audio, video, and PowerPoint with author narration. Each course will note the format on the course description page. Most courses include closed captioning.

    Course handouts:

    Most of our online courses provide a link to download the accompanying handout as a PDF file. 

    Group discounts:

    Groups of 3 or more are eligible for a 20% discount on each registration on most of our online courses. To receive this discount, registrations need to be processed together via the "Group Rates" tab on the Online Course of your choice.

    Computer requirements:

    For our online courses to function best, we recommend that you update your computer to include the newest version of your Internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.) and newest version of your computer's operating system. Also a high-speed Internet connection is recommended (cable or DSL). Speakers or headphones will be required for many of our courses as many contain audio components.

    Course Cancellation Policy:

    A purchased online course can be exchanged, refunded, or transferred to another individual if contact is made with NSS (via phone or email) within 30 days of purchase and the course materials have not been viewed or downloaded. 

    Special Needs:

    Please click here for any special needs requests, and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

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