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Target 6 sounds simultaneously during group therapy! This innovative program was developed by an SLP seeking an easy and creative way to target multiple sounds simultaneously in a group setting. Thus the Articulation Theatre Books were created! The 6 books contain matching plays and pagination with each book targeting only one sound: /R, S, L, Sh, Ch, Th/. The only variation between them is the lines focusing on different speech sounds! This allows students to participate in the same fun and effective group therapy activity despite working on different speech sounds. It's also incredibly motivating to students as they engage in the repetitive practice needed to achieve articulation goals. Made in the USA.

These books are motivating, effective, and fun!

  • Curriculum Supporting Material.
  • Features playfully illustrated, no-preparation play scripts targeting R, S, L, Sh, Ch, Th.
  • Each book contains 10 mix-and-match plays, which include target sounds in all word positions.
  • 600 color-coded lines highlighting targeted sounds to increase student self-monitoring.
  • Word lists are color-coded by initial, medial and final positions for all articulation targets in each play.

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These books are completely compatible with the Language Theatre Books!

Program Directions

  1. Each book targets a specific sound.
  2. Students select the book featuring their target sound.
  3. Each student opens his or her book to the same page. "In The Mood For Food" play starting on page 98 in this example.
  4. Page 98 will feature the same theme ("In The Mood For Food") in all 6 books, while the script lines in each book are unique to that book's target sound.
  5. Students take turns reading aloud their unique lines in their book, and in doing so are performing together in the same play with each student focusing on his or her target sound.

For example, if your student Ryan is working on R, Shelly on SH, and Charlie on CH, give each of them the book focusing on their respective speech sound. Next, ask them to find the play "In The Mood For Food" in their books. While Ryan, Shelly, and Charlie all have the same play about their favorite foods in each of their books, their lines are different from each other so they can practice their specific target sound. As students take turns reading aloud their own lines, they are performing in the same humorous play together. Group therapy has never been more fun!

R book sample SH book sample L book sample

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What's Included

  • Set of 6 Articulation Theatre Books
  • Each book focuses on a specific sound (R, S, L, Sh, Ch, Th)
  • Each book contains:
    • Playfully illustrated speech scripts targeting a different sound
    • 10 matching plays
    • 133 pages
    • 6" x 9"
    • Softcover
    • © 2015

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Target Audience

  • Children ages 9-15 years old or a 4th Grade reading level.
  • Ideal for group therapy — great for schools and private practice.
  • Appropriate for mild cognitive impairment.


Claudia Doan, MS, CCC-SLP, has worked in the field of Speech-Language Pathology since 2008 after receiving Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science Degrees in Communication Disorders from Southern Connecticut State University. She is the author of the blog Creative Speech Lab and has several years of experience working for school systems and in pediatric clinic settings. Claudia is the recipient of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's Mentoring Pair Award for original research in the field of Speech-Language Pathology and is a Sertoma International Scholar in Communication Disorders. She is the author of Articulation Theatre Books and Language Theatre Books published by Northern Speech Services.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial — Claudia Doan is a presenter of online CEU courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Financial — Claudia Doan is the author of Articulation Theatre Books published by Northern Speech Services; receives royalty payments.

Nonfinancial — Claudia Doan has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Customer Reviews

"I just got Articulation Theatre. It's really great. The kids seemed to like it!!!" Randi W., SLP (Feb. 2019)

"I got Articulation Theatre this year. I like it for my older kids who are ready to generalize sounds into reading context. Then we can talk about the stories using the vocabulary with their target sounds."Elisa S., SLP (Feb. 2019)

"I love these! I use the Artic Theatre books to make inferences. I cover the passage and have them read the words and make a smart guess to figure out what they think the passage would be about. And use for artic- more like a warm-up. I think you need to have discussions after reading each passage and have students monitor their speech sounds while discussing. They can be modified for how you want to use them. But better for carry over."Debbie F., SLP (Feb. 2019)

"These books are amazing! So fun!" Jessica C., SLP (Mar. 2018)

"My students have really enjoyed the Articulation Theatre Books in therapy this year! They particularly love the I'm Sorry and Insults sections...we always end with compliments and fan mail! Thank you for bringing new life to my speech sessions -especially for my older students and those nearing dismissal who are at the sentence and reading levels!"Jenn B., SLP (Nov. 2017)

This product was field-tested by multiple school-based Speech-Language Pathologists who found it to be an effective and motivating means for students to improve their articulation skills.

"My students LOVE Articulation Theatre Books!"K. Schafnitt, SLP  (Dec. 2015)

"My students made measurable progress due to their increased motivation to practice scenes. Their frustration decreased and liveliness increased as they acted out these entertaining plays. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I found the books' organization, use of colors to target sounds, ease of use for group therapy and motivating humor to be extremely helpful."Colleen Cull, MS, CCC-SLP   (Aug. 2015)

"My students became jovial and eager to engage in the lesson. This atmosphere was helpful in therapy to encourage them to self-monitor. They continue to maintain the progress made, which is a testament to the increased motivation they experienced when using this thoughtfully organized, fun and motivating program."Patricia Amodei, MS, CCC-SLP   (Aug. 2015)

"The performance at the end of the intervention was a way for my students to work towards a goal and have a product (i.e. performance) to highlight their work. The Articulation Theatre Books were instrumental in helping my students achieve their goals."Jennifer E. Pohl, MS, CCC-SLP   (Aug. 2015)

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