Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook




An essential tool to engage with children to explore and discuss emotions and feelings!

Are kids struggling with Tantrums? Whining? Uncontrolled behaviors?

Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook uniquely features 8 emotions (happy, sad, scared, excited, embarrassed, surprised, frustrated, angry) to expose children to a variety of feelings in various settings. This flipbook will help children recognize and identify the different emotions the characters are experiencing in each picture scene and make connections to how they sometimes feel.

There are 7 different scenes for each emotion and a question guide for each scene is included to help engage in conversation with your child and stimulate discussion about emotions and feelings.

Ages 3 and up.

How It Works:

Use the tab organization to find the emotion section for your session. The reverse side of each scene includes the question guide to be used to help engage in conversation and stimulate discussion. Start with the “When I feel… I can…” page to go through the appropriate responses across multiple situations. After that, move on to the individual picture scenes to continue the conversation and discuss that emotion. At the end of each section is a blank face template in which a child can draw their illustration of the emotion using the included dry-erase marker. There are also reusable thought bubbles and speech balloon stickers that can be written on and placed onto different scenes for even more dialogue possibilities.  

Skills Included:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Predicting
  • Inferencing
  • Making Connections

      Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook includes:

      • 8 emotions & characters
      • User Guide with question prompts 
      • 8 solution pages
      • 40 picture scenes
      • 1 sticker sheet
      • 8 blank face templates

      Target Age Range: 3 And Up

      Teaching young children about emotions is a crucial skill during childhood years. This helps them understand their own feelings and connect with others.

      What's Next?

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      What's Included

      • Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook (spiral-bound book with a built-in base)
      • 1 dry-erase marker for your child to draw their illustration of emotions
      • Reusable thought bubble stickers

      Target Audience

      Ages 3 & up (preschool through middle school students).


      After earning her Masters degree as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Spark Innovations founder, Leah Schwed, MA, CCC-SLP, began working with school age children struggling with a variety of language deficits. Among her obligations was creating fun yet educational learning experiences. She noted one common issue again and again, the need for engaging and updated quality materials that encourage children to think and improve language one step at a time. After a decade of experience working with children, she set out to create products and materials that were updated, kid friendly, fun, and multi-functional when used in therapy.

      In 2017 Leah incorporated The Spark Innovations Inc., and the Award Winning Spark Cards were introduced in 2018. Spark Cards have been described as an amazing tool helping parents, therapists, and educators teach core language skills to children in a most fun and exciting way. It's mission is helping all children improve language development one step at a time.

      Customer Reviews

      "As a school social worker this was the perfect tool to add to my daily activities to use with kid’s. The pictures and words are relatable and easy to use for all kids! I have this book right next to the bean bag kids sit on to calm down and learn about their feelings. Must buy for every therapist and parent to help kids learn to recognize and manage their emotions!"

      "As a speech therapist I always look for products that my students would love using. This product really engages the student during their session. I definitely recommend the product."

      "As a parent, this book is a super helpful tool to help my children be more self-aware of their emotions and identify their feelings. It helps them find ways to deal with situations in an appropriate way.
      This book has beautiful realistic pictures and helps the child figure out how they can deal with that situation or similar."

      "My kids are really loving this book! It's such a fun way to learn about different feelings and emotions. They love using the dry-erase marker to draw faces too!"

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