Spark Flipbooks 3-Set Combo






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3 great Flipbooks to Spark children's learning today!

These 3 Flipbooks are uniquely-designed tools for learning more about emotions & feelings, understanding how to read clocks, and asking/answering WH- questions. Easy to use and incorporate into therapy with engaging pages or items to flip. It improves fine motor skills, supports language development through play, and increases vocabulary. These cards were created by a practicing SLP looking for more effective approaches to helping parents, therapists, and educators teach core language skills to children in a fun and exciting way.

For only $47, you get:

Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook

An essential tool to engage with children to explore and discuss emotions and feelings. This flipbook uniquely features 8 emotions which are happy, sad, scared, excited, embarrassed, surprised, frustrated, and angry. Learn More >

Spark Clock Flipbook

Teach digital and analog time with simplicity! No additional cards or pieces are required, so your children at home or school can concentrate fully on each practice activity with no fuss. The bright and colorful design of this large clock makes it aesthetically appealing to all children learning how to tell time. Learn More >

Spark Picture This! Flipbook

The first-of-its-kind book that includes 20 picture scenes with 16 characters each and tons of language opportunities! This book contains picture cards that aid kids in sentence building and more, with prompt cards included to teach descriptions, actions, emotions, and prepositions. Learn More >

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What's Included

Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook:

  • Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook (spiral-bound book with a built-in base)
  • 1 dry-erase marker for your child to draw their illustration of emotions
  • Reusable thought bubble stickers

Spark Clock Flipbook:

  • Spark Clock Flipbook (spiral-bound book with a foldout base)
    • 8" length x 4.25" width (when base is opened) x 9.5" height

Spark Picture This! Flipbook:

  • Picture This! Flipbook (spiral-bound book with a built-in base)
  • 20 Detailed, Illustrated scenes
  • Question guides for each scene
  • 10 Dry-erase prompt cards (marker not included)
  • Reusable thought bubble stickers

      Target Audience

      Ages 3 & up


      After earning her Masters degree as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Spark Innovations founder, Leah Schwed, MA, CCC-SLP, began working with school age children struggling with a variety of language deficits. Among her obligations was creating fun yet educational learning experiences. She noted one common issue again and again, the need for engaging and updated quality materials that encourage children to think and improve language one step at a time. After a decade of experience working with children, she set out to create products and materials that were updated, kid friendly, fun, and multi-functional when used in therapy.

      In 2017 Leah incorporated The Spark Innovations Inc., and the Award Winning Spark Cards were introduced in 2018. Spark Cards have been described as an amazing tool helping parents, therapists, and educators teach core language skills to children in a most fun and exciting way. It's mission is helping all children improve language development one step at a time.

      Customer Reviews

      Spark Emotions & Feelings Flipbook

      "My kids are really loving this book! It's such a fun way to learn about different feelings and emotions. They love using the dry-erase marker to draw faces too!"

      "User-friendly and well made. I am looking forward to using this!"

      Spark Clock Flipbook

      "This was another great purchase from Spark! It is very well-made and durable. All the different colors really kept my kids interested. Both my kids now know how to tell time, and they had a very enjoyable learning experience. Definitely keeping this around for when my baby gets older!"

      "Another great product by Spark Innovations!! This clock was super easy to teach my little one how to read the time. Great quality as well!!"

      Spark Picture This! Flipbook

      "I absolutely love this product! I’ve already gotten so much use out of it in just one week. I’m able to use it across my entire caseload for just about every goal area! There is so much detail on each page, with characters showing various emotions, problems, etc. lots to talk about. I would highly recommend this activity to all SLPs working with school-age children."

      "I've been an SLP for 14 years and I now only buy materials that are super versatile and easy to use. This product was a no-brainer since it can be used for every aspect of therapy; expressive and receptive language, social-emotional skills, articulation, responding to questions, formulating sentences, etc. The kit comes with a wide variety of targets and lesson plan ideas ready to implement but the scenes are so vivid and full of action, they truly lend themselves to any therapy target and can be used creatively. The flipbook is well made and the pictures are so interesting. I especially appreciated the diversity and inclusion of each of the images. Kudos! If I were just starting my career, I would 100% buy this as a therapy material that can be used with your whole caseload. As a seasoned SLP, I love that this can simplify my lesson plans and I can target any goal using it. It's also perfect for itinerant SLPs because it's compact and fits nicely in a tote bag."

      "Most of my students loved this. It appealed to students who are on the spectrum and who are learning to interpret facial expressions and perspectives. It can be used to elicit lots of language."

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