CAAP-2: Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology - 2nd Edition




The CAAP-2 is the most current assessment for articulation and phonology.

It is time-efficient, accurate, and yields results that are easy to score and interpret. You may administer the Articulation Inventory in 15-20 minutes. The checklist approach to assessing phonological processes virtually eliminates the need for phonetic transcription. CAAP-2 is an assessment that you will like giving and children will enjoy taking.

Qualify students for therapy with:

  • Word standard scores
  • Sentence standard scores
  • Phonology standard scores

Articulation inventory targets:

  • Pre- and post-vocalic consonant singletons
  • Cluster words containing S, R, and L in the initial position
  • Three- and four-syllable words
  • Post-vocalic productions of R
  • The production of sounds in sentences (for children 5 years and older)

Phonological process checklists assess:

  • Final consonant deletion
  • Cluster reduction
  • Syllable reduction
  • Gliding
  • Vocalization
  • Fronting (velar and palatal)
  • Deaffrication
  • Stopping
  • Prevocalic voicing
  • Postvocalic devoicing

Valid and Reliable

CAAP-2 is a valid and reliable instrument. The CAAP-2 standardization sample included 1486 children from the U.S. and closely resembles 2013 U.S. Census Data. Concurrent validity studies comparing CAAP to the GFTA-2 and the KLPA-2 were significant beyond p < .01 for all raw scores, standard scores and percentile ranks (ranging from .789 to .948). Inter-rater reliability coefficients were all above .99.

Testing Time: 15-20 minutes

Administration: Individual

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What's Included

  • Examiner's Manual
  • Stimulus Easel
  • 50 Articulation Response Forms
  • 30 Phonological Process Record Forms
  • 5 Foam CAAP Pals
  • Big Tote Bag


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not for children under 3 years old. 

Target Audience

Children ages 2;6 to 11;11.


CAAP-2: Clinical Assessment of Articulation & Phonology - 2nd Edition Created By:

  • Wayne Secord
  • JoAnn S. Donahue

Customer Reviews

"I like the CAAP2 through the 1st or 2nd grade. It's great for analyzing phonological processes." – Sherrie M., SLP (Mar. 2019)

"I love the CAAP-2 and using the phonological processes sheet to see the % of processes and if they are active!" – Katie M., SLP (Jan. 2019)

"CAAP-2 is one of my favorite assessments." – SLP (Jan. 2019)

"The CAAP-2 is the articulation test I use the most." – SLP (Jan. 2019)

"I highly recommend the CAAP-2 as one of your assessments for sound system disorders." – SLP (Jan. 2019)

"CAAP-2 goes over well with the littles." – SLP (Jan. 2019)

"The CAAP-2 is my favorite artic test (that reports percentiles) for children approaching the 3-year transition (2;10, 2;11)." – SLP (Jan. 2019)

"I like the new norms for the CAAP-2 way better than the original CAAP. I use it for 2-4 year olds." – SLP (Nov. 2018)

"I use the CAAP-2 for preschoolers. It’s pretty quick and easy to administer and score." – SLP (Nov. 2018)

"I love the CAAP-2. It is one of my favorite language assessments to use." – SLP (Oct. 2018)

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